2023-24 Spiritual Life Team

The Center for Spiritual Life is located in the lower level of Agnes Flanagan.


Hilary Martin Himan

Hilary Martin Himan

Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life

Affiliate Staff

Jackie Andrada-Foster

Jackie Andrada-Foster

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Maddie Herrup

Maddie Herrup

Springboard Social Justice Fellow
Hannah Sherman

Hannah Sherman

Executive Director, PDX Hillel

Emeriti Staff

Mark Duntley

Dean Emeritus of Spiritual Life

 A Covenant Statement of our Staff, Affiliate Staff, Interns and Volunteers

The Center for Spiritual Life seeks to provide leadership, resources, support, activities, and mentoring for our students and campus community in order to promote personal and collective spiritual and religious expression and growth.  We are committed to creating an inclusive and affirming environment where supportive spiritual communities can thrive, and where individuals can freely and openly engage in the spiritual practices of their choice.

As staff, affiliate staff, interns and volunteers we seek to:

Advocate for a caring campus community by providing leadership, counsel, and encouragement to people in their spiritual search for wholeness, identity, integrity, and personal meaning;

Respond actively to issues of moral and ethical importance that impact and affect our campus community;

Foster understanding and respect among ourselves and encourage the same from others;

Contribute to the spiritual, intellectual, and co-curricular life of the college in helpful and positive ways.


As staff, affiliate staff, and volunteers we pledge to one another to:

Participate when possible and appropriate in the regular meetings and special events of the Center for Spiritual Life;

Support and strengthen one another and our respective religious and spiritual life student groups by identifying and opposing anything that demeans, distorts, or misrepresents any of these groups and the individuals within these groups;

Work toward mutual understanding and a shared vision;

Share our beliefs, spiritual practices, and faith traditions in a transparent manner, avoiding the imposition of our own beliefs and practices on others;

Respect the freedom of others to choose the faith, religion, spirituality, or philosophy of life they wish to follow;

Disavow coercion or any form of undue pressure in our own work with students and members of the Lewis & Clark community;

Inform one another about our work and the scheduled activities of the groups we support; and

Collaborate with one another whenever it is appropriate and possible.


Adopted September 2017