Spiritual Life Groups

The following spiritual/religious life student organizations are currently active and registered with Student Engagement on our campus. Recognized student organizations are eligible to get and use an @lclark.edu email account (or get the account’s password reset) and associated Google Group, get a LiveWhale Profile, reserve campus facilities with Conferences and Events, apply for space, promote their organization’s events on The Bark and the Campus Display System, and apply for funding from ASB.

Supporting Student-Initiated Events and Programs

We also support students who are interested in leading events or programs without starting a formal student organization. Students recently initiated events such as The Agape Experience, a praise, meditation, and worship evening, and a Holi Celebration in the spring of 2023. Come see us in lower Flanagan if you have an idea!

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Just because you didn’t find it listed doesn’t mean it doesn’t or didn’t exist - don’t forget that student organizations can vary from year to year depending on student interest. Please contact Spiritual Life at spirituallife@lclark.edu, and Student Engagement at studentengagement@lclark.edu if you’d like to start a new group! Spiritual Life would love to support you. Stop by lower Flanagan to chat about your ideas.

The following spiritual/religious life groups are currently inactive. If you’re interested in restarting one of these groups, please contact Hilary Martin Himan, hmhiman@lclark.edu.

  • Buddhist Club
  • Catholic Student Community and CRS - Catholic Relief Services
  • Christian Student Community (InterVarsity)
  • Spiritual Que(e)ry Group (LBGTQ+)
  • Unitarian Universalists Club