Guidelines for Religious Holiday Observance and Student Absences

Lewis & Clark students of all faiths are encouraged to observe important religious holidays within their own tradition. However, the college recognizes that on some occasions schedule conflicts can arise which may result in a student missing classes, exams, registration or other required academic activities.

The following guidelines are provided to all students who wish to miss a required academic activity in order to observe a religious holiday.

1) Class or exam absences are primarily a matter between the individual instructor and student. While L&C faculty members are encouraged to show flexibility when dealing with students who are committed to observing religious holidays, it is entirely up to the student to communicate this need to the instructor and to make appropriate arrangements.
a) The student is responsible for notifying the instructor ahead of time that she/he will be absent because of the religious holiday. At that time the instructor may suggest any make-up work the student may need to do as a result of the absence.

2) When scheduling conflicts arise between registration and a religious holiday, the student should notify the registrar directly of her/his inability to attend the arena registration and the registrar will make alternative arrangements with the student. It is the student’s responsibility to give the registrar adequate notification (no less than one week) in order to make alternative arrangements.

3) The Office of Spiritual Life will make available to faculty, staff and students a list of significant religious holidays at the beginning of each year. Students are encouraged to contact the Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life if they have any questions about religious holiday observance and these guidelines.

Approved by Academic Council 5/94. Updated guidelines are currently in consideration 9/22.