August 07, 2020

LC Olympics Results Are In

Last month saw the inaugural LC Olympic Games hosted by the health and wellness committee under ONE L&C.

The games ran from July 20 to 31, and brought 126 staff and faculty participants from all three campuses together into 14 teams of nine. Each day of the games featured fitness and wellness activities, from Zoom workouts led by LC faculty and staff, to antiracism learning opportunities.

The whole experience was captured in this video by head volleyball coach Emily Hayes, so if you didn’t participate this year, you can see what you missed.


Third place with 43 points: Janet Davidson, Team Sycamore

Second place tie with 44 points
Carol Doyle, Team Elm and Joe Johnson, Team Giant Sequoia

First place tie with 46 points (aka perfect score)
Kris Codron, Team Elm and Laura Everard, Team Oak

TEAM Winners:

Bronze: Team Scarlet Oak
310 points
team captain: Michael Mannheimer, PubCom
$50 to Hana’s

Silver: Team Oak
311 points
team captain: Laura Everard, Facilities
$100 to Trap Kitchen

Gold: Team Ponderosa Pine
321 points
team captain: Natasha Richmond, Law Admissions
$200 to Olive or Twist


ONE L&C will hold another challenge in October, so be on the lookout. Meanwhile, check out the other ongoing fitness classes.