ISLC Charter

Application for the 2020-21 ISLC Administrative Board will be available as the start of the Fall 2020 semester  


I. Purpose

International Students of Lewis & Clark (ISLC) promotes and facilitates the interaction and exchange of culture, customs, experiences, and knowledge within the international student body, as well as between international students, Third Culture Kids (TCKs), and American students on and off campus. Its continuing goal is to create a more diverse, active, and culturally aware college community that celebrates our variety of backgrounds, interests, and goals. ISLC acts as a governmental body for international students by organizing events such as the International Fair, acting as a representative voice for international students to administration and other student organizations, and meeting to address issues of international student concern.

II. Membership

All international students (defined as students in the US on non-immigrant visas) enrolled at the College of Arts and Sciences are members of ISLC. US students (defined as US citizens and permanent residents) are welcome to join and are eligible to serve in the capacity of any Administrative Officer position (defined as, but not limited to, the Secretary, Student at Large, Law School & Alumni Representative, TCK Representative, Activity Chair, Chair of Budget and Finance, Publicity Chair, and IT Advisor). US Students may only serve on the Executive Board (defined as the President, Vice President, and ISLC Student Representative) after they have previously served as an Administrative Officer or have previously worked in a leadership role with ISLC subject to approval by the Faculty Advisor to the ISLC Board.

III. Organizational Structure

A. Members

The ISLC Board is composed of the Administrative Officers and the Executive Board. The Executive Board is composed of the President, Vice-President, and ISLC Representative, who shall be elected by majority vote of ISLC during Spring Semester. The Administrative Officers, which consist of the Secretary, Chairperson of Budget and Finance, Chairperson of Activities, Chairperson of Publicity, TCK Representative, AES Representative, and Web Advisor, are appointed by the Executive Board after candidates submit an application and participate in an interview. New positions may be added as necessary when approved by the ISLC Board. The Executive Board may appoint more than one person to an ISLC Board position; in addition, an Administrative Officer position may be discontinued if it is no longer deemed necessary. Discontinuation must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the ISLC Board.

A Faculty Advisor to the ISLC Board (the Assistant/Associate Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars) shall instruct the board and aid in its yearly operations.

B. Operation

ISLC holds weekly meetings at a time to be determined within the first three weeks of each semester, with a two-week extension granted in extenuating circumstances. The Executive Board is responsible for booking a location for these meetings. Additional meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Board. Attendance at meetings is mandatory for all ISLC officers. In addition, the Executive Board members are require to hold a minimum of 2 office hours each week in order to make themselves available to the student body.

The ISLC Board is responsible for organizing events, which reflect the purpose of ISLC as outlined in Section I. These events may include, but are not limited to: themed movies and dinners, a speaker series involving students, faculty, administration, and outside speakers, musical and artistic presentations, off-campus trips, games and special events. Duties and responsibilities for organizing and creating these events will be delegated during ISLC meetings and by correspondence as necessary.

IV. Terms of Office

A. Duration

All ISLC Board members serve for one academic year, defined as the period beginning one day after official Commencement and ending at the following year’s official Commencement. Candidates who wish to apply for a position on the ISLC Board who can online serve for one academic semester may do so. Applications will be assessed on basis of the applicant’s motivation, commitment, and availability. Officers may hold the same position for a maximum of two years. Only the President, Vice-President and ISLC Student Representative receive an honorarium, to be paid at the end of each semester. The amount of the honorarium is decided by the ASLC Executive Council.

B. Requirements

All ISLC Board members are required to attend the weekly Board meetings except in extenuating circumstances excused by the Executive Board. In addition, all ISLC officers (with the exception of the Chairperson of Budget and Finance) are responsible for submitting a record (portfolio) of all activities and ideas for every academic term.

C. Resignation

If any Board member is no longer able to fulfill his/her duties, they may must give two weeks notice of their resignation, and assist in a search for a replacement officer.

D. Dismissal

Should any Board member demonstrate dereliction of his/her duties, he/she may be dismissed. A minimum of two-thirds of the members of the ISLC Board must sign a letter outlining their concerns and the reasons necessitating dismissal. Upon receipt of this letter, the ISLC President shall convene a special meeting, whereat two-thirds of the ISLC Board and the Faculty Advisor to the Board shall be present. In the event that the officer in question is the ISLC President, these duties shall fall to the ISLC Vice-President. If a consensus is reached, the officer will be removed from his/her office pending replacement.

E. Replacement

In the event that a vacancy should occur in any ISLC Board position, ISLC Board members shall be responsible for advertising the position opening and performing a search for a replacement officer. Replacement candidates shall participate in an interview given by the remaining members of the ISLC Board, and shall be appointed by majority vote of the ISLC Board.

V. Roles and Duties of Officers

A. The Executive Board

The Executive Board, consisting of the President, Vice-President, and ISLC Representative, shall assemble within two weeks of their election in order to discuss plans for the coming year and consult with the incumbent Executive Board members in regards to their duties and issues of concern. Over the summer, the Executive Board will keep regular correspondence through e-mail and shall begin planning for ISLC events. The Executive Board members are responsible for planning an events calendar for every academic term.

1. President

The President is the official representative of ISLC in respect to administration, faculty, and student organizations. He/she conducts all International Students meetings. The President organizes and appoints committee chairpersons for large-scale activities. In conjunction with the Activity Chair and rest of the ISLC Board, the President is responsible for activities generated within the organization.

In the event that there are one or more abstentions or a vote-tie, the president has the power to veto a motion. The President is responsible for organizing an election of Executive Board members during spring semester. He/she may delegate duties to ISLC Board members for activities pertaining to the interest of ISLC, and will be responsible for reviewing all Executive Board members’ folders at the end of each academic term, as well as all Administrative Board members’ reports.

2. Vice-President

The Vice-President assumes all functions of the President in the event of his/her absence, dismissal, or resignation. He/she will be responsible for helping with work on ISLC projects throughout the year.

The Vice-President’s primary responsibility is to coordinate the annual International Fair, to be held on the first Saturday of March. In order to aid future Vice-Presidents and boards, the Vice-President is responsible for submitting a record (portfolio) of all activities and ideas for every academic term, and assisting the President in reviewing Board portfolios and reports.

3. ISLC Representative to ASLC

The ISLC Representative to Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) is responsible for acting as a liaison between student government and international students. The ISLC Representative shall attend the weekly meetings of both organizations, submit weekly reports to the ASLC President, and shall perform other duties as assigned by the ISLC President, Vice-President, and Board. The ISLC Representative is responsible for compiling suggestions and submitting amendment proposals to the ISLC Board, and reviewing the ISLC Charter at the request of the ISLC or the Executive Board. In addition, the ISLC Representative shall inform the ISLC Board of proposed changes to the ASLC Bylaws and convey the concerns and questions of the ISLC Board to ASLC Council. In all other cases, the ISLC Representative shall follow procedures outlined in the ASLC Bylaws.

B. Administrative Officers of the Board

Administrative officers shall be appointed within the first two weeks of each academic year, after filing an application and undergoing an introductory interview. Additional Administrative Officers may be appointed throughout the year as necessary by majority approval of the Board. Administrative Officers are encouraged to coordinate efforts in event planning and execution, and shall report progress to the Executive Board as necessary.  Each Administrative Officer will write a report at the end of each semester summarizing their job tasks and progress.

1. Secretary

The Secretary of the ISLC Board is responsible for issuing information to the members, including notification of meetings and preparation of minutes. He/she is responsible for timely distribution of all minutes to all Executive Board members and the Associate Director of International Students & Scholars. The Secretary is also responsible for keeping records of all activities of the organization and help with any administrative projects that the Executive Board requires.

2. Chairperson of Budget and Finance

The Chairperson of Budget and Finance is responsible for preparing a reasonable operating budget for the organization, keeping complete and accurate accounts of financial records and transactions, and preparing a budget for the annual International Fair. He/she will approve all ISLC expenditures in conjunction with the Faculty Advisor to the Board, and submit these check requests following the Chartering and Budgeting Commission (CBC) Rules of Procedure. The Chairperson of Budget and Finance is responsible for balancing ISLC’s internal account with the account maintained by the Lewis & Clark Business Office.

In conjunction with the members of the Executive Board and other officers, the Chairperson of Budget and Finance is responsible for presenting the budget for the forthcoming year to CBC for approval. He/she will be responsible for submitting a financial report at the end of each academic term and year.

3. Chairperson of Activities

The Chairperson of Activities is responsible to organize all social activities including setting up a decoration crew and cleaning crew. He/she must be familiar with Lewis & Clark Drug and Alcohol Policy as outlined in the Pathfinder. The Chairperson of Activities works closely with the Chairperson of Publicity to keep board members well-informed of all coming activities.

For all ISLC events, the Chairperson of Activities is responsible for booking venues, organizing set-up and clean-up, coordinating catering services with Bon Appétit as needed, contacting necessary administrators and faculty concerning upcoming events, and other duties as required. He/she will help organize the International Fair entertainment in conjunction with the Vice-President.

4. Chairperson of Publicity

The Chairperson of Publicity will work closely with the Chairperson of Activities and Secretary in order to publicize all ISLC events by: by making posters, flyers, radio and print media announcements; contacting administrators, faculty, students, and student groups in conjunction with the Chairperson of Activities; coordinating publicity events such as staffing advertisement tables; and any other methods deemed appropriate. He/she must have a thorough understanding of the posting and advertising requirements as well as the Drug and Alcohol policy as outlined in the Pathfinder.

The Chairperson of Publicity will be responsible for publicity for the International Fair and its decorations, and will help to coordinate set-up and clean-up in conjunction with the Chairperson of Activities, Vice-President, and other officers of the Board.

5. Student at Large

The Student at Large shall act as a liaison between all members of the ISLC Board. He/she is responsible for aiding the Board members with various projects. The Student at Large will work in conjunction with all members of the Board, with a focus on assisting the Chairperson of Activities and the Chairperson of Publicity. He/she must maintain communication with all chairpersons and contribute assistance wherever necessary.

The student at Large will also work closely with the Vice-President in planning and coordinating the International Fair.

7. Third Culture Kids (TCK) Representative

The Third Culture Kids (TCK) Representative acts as a liaison between the ISLC Board and the TCK Board and is responsible for helping to improve relations between faculty and foreign students through performing duties pertaining to the events of both Boards. He/she will facilitate cooperation and coordination with TCK and ISLC events and issues of concern. The TCK Representative may, time permitting, organize a discussion group between faculty and foreign students. The TCK Representative will also be responsible for helping publicize and run ISLC events as delegated by the Board.

8. Information Technology (IT) and Media Advisor to the Board

The IT and Media Advisor to the ISLC Board is responsible for maintaining and producing the ISLC web page, posting information and events, and aiding in affairs concerning technology, such as use of the ISLC-officers listserv, special publicity events, etc. He/she may be required to assist in the election of ISLC Executive Board in the spring.

9. Academic English Studies (AES) Representative

The Academic English Studies (AES) Representative is responsible for acting as a representative of those students enrolled in the AES program to ISLC. He/she will work with the ISLC Board to include exchange students and other AES members in ISLC events, as well as assist in other ISLC events as delegated by the ISLC Board. He/she will be responsible for publicizing ISLC events to AES students and faculty.

VI. Election Procedure

Elections Rules of Procedure: International Students of Lewis & Clark College

I. Candidate Eligibility

A. All candidates declaring their intentions to run for an executive board position must have served at least one year on the ISLC board in the past unless in the case of:

     1. There being no candidates having served on the board for a year in which case other candidates with suitable experience will be allowed to run; suitable experience being determined by the ISLC board.

B. A candidate may run for only one position in a given election, and must be registered as a student in good academic standing.

C. Each position is open to single candidates unless in the case of subsection I-C and I-D of this document or with permission of the Associate Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars.

       1. Should no candidate declare their intention to run for one of the Executive Board positions, the elections submission deadline will be extended and publicity increased in a search for qualified candidates.

2. If two candidates want to run as co-presidents, they must present a comprehensive plan on how they plan to run the board together.  The plan must be approved by the ISLC board and the Associate Director of International Students & Scholars. 

D. Students participating in an overseas or domestic exchange program during the time of office may not run in the election unless:

     1. They have established with a partner that they will run as alternate candidates of a position. This option is only available for students running for Vice President or the ISLC Representative to ASLC.

                    a. Students who run as alternate candidates for Vice President or the ISLC Representative to ASLC must run on a dual ticket and must both meet the eligibility requirements as defined in this document.

                    b. Students who choose to run as alternate candidates for Vice President or the ISLC Representative to ASLC must distinctly define and differentiate their duties, have a set plan of action for the year, and have this plan approved by the Associate Director and Director of International Student Services, before their candidacy can be officially considered.

II. Election Timeframe

A. Election Prep-

  1. Notification via the ISLC, TCKs and AES list serves for elections shall take place two weeks before Spring Break.
  2. Notification shall be given via e-mail with a link to the ISLC webpage, which shall contain ISLC Elections Rules of Procedure, a downloadable executive board application, and any other relevant elections information as the board sees fit to upload to the webpage for the purposes of a fair elections process.
  3.  Hard copies of applications shall be available at the ISLC office. This process shall be repeated one week prior to Spring break and include information on the open meeting described in section B of this document.
  4. These notifications shall come from the International Student Services via newsletter and announcement.

B. A meeting of the ISLC executive board shall occur the week after election announcements are made. This meeting shall be for the purpose of elections publicity and explaining each board members position.

C. All applications must be submitted electronically with a digital picture and statement of no more than 200 words to the ISLC technology advisor by no later than the 7:00pm on first day students return from Spring Break.

D. Campaigns shall begin the day after submissions are due and continue until two hours prior to elections at which point all campaigning will cease for the entire elections period.

E. The ISLC Board shall hold a public debate between competing candidates, moderated by the current ISLC president, the week of elections. This debate shall be publicized via e-mail by the ISLC president immediately after a decision is made regarding its time and place.

F. Elections shall be held on the Wednesday and Thursday one week after the submissions deadline for applications with results being announced after the closing of polls Friday morning at 12:01am.

     1. Voting shall begin at 12:01am on Wednesday and run until 11:59pm on Thursday at which point the polls will automatically close.

III. Elections Publicity Guidelines

A. The ISLC Board in conjunction with the International Student Services shall be responsible for publicizing the ISLC election through:

     1. A meeting in one week prior to spring break as described in the elections timeframe.

     2. The International Students Services shall notify ISLC, TCKs, and AES via the newsletter as is appropriate given the guidelines established in the “Elections Timeframe.” The International Student Services shall also compile a list of eligible candidates currently attending Lewis & Clark and a flier shall be sent to their mailbox with elections dates, links, times, the ISLC officers e-mail for questions, and other appropriate elections information. Another flier shall be sent to all International Students, TCKs and AES eligible to vote encouraging election participation, and giving appropriate instruction as to voting procedure.

     3. Information pertaining to election procedures, timeline, applications etc. shall be available on the ISLC webpage two weeks prior to Spring Break.

     4. The ISLC technology advisor shall publish all applications received no later than 9:00am on the 2nd day back from spring break and the ISLC president shall send appropriate notice to ISLC, TCKs and AES with notification of this publication.

     5. A week prior to elections the International Students and Scholars and TCK intern shall publish an ISLC elections newsletter to be sent to ISLC, TCK and AES lists which shall contain all mechanical voting information, voting instructions, candidate information as provided by the candidates, links to the ISLC elections webpage, and all other information pertinent to elections.

     6. During elections the ISLC President shall be responsible for sending an e-mail to ISLC, TCK, and AES lists reminding them to vote. If the election is structured so that individual links are sent to voters for casting their vote, then the ISLC President shall remind voters to check their mail and vote via the link previously sent to them. If there is a main page through which all voters are to cast their vote, the ISLC president shall send this link to the ISLC, TCK, and AES list serves. In either case the ISLC president shall include in his/her mail voting instructions, a link to campaign statements provided by the candidates online, and all other pertinent voting information as is designated by the ISLC Board to be important for the purposes of a fair election.

     7. Other non-campaign specific publicity may be initiated as the ISLC board sees fit through majority vote in order to “get out the vote”.

IV. Voter Eligibility

A. All International Students are eligible to vote in the ISLC Election. This eligibility is extended to degree-seeking students and exchange students as well as all other International Students designated by the International Students and Scholars.

     I. International Students and Scholars shall be responsible for providing the list of eligible International Student voters to the ASLC Chief Elections Officer for the purposes of running the election one week before the election is scheduled so that he or she has ample time to set up the election and account for technology glitches.

B. All Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and AES students as designated by the International Student Services shall be eligible to vote in the ISLC election.

     I. International Students and Scholars shall be responsible for providing the list of eligible TCK and AES voters to the ASLC Chief Elections Officer for the purposes of running the election. This list shall be provided at the same time as the list of eligible International Students.

C. All members of the ISLC board shall be eligible to vote whether International Student, TCK, AES or domestic American student.

V. Campaign Rules

A. Campaigns shall begin and end based upon the rules laid out in the “Elections Timeframe.”

B. A list of eligible voters’ mailbox numbers shall be provided to each candidate by the International Students and Scholars for the purpose of mailbox stuffing by candidates. This shall be the only information provided to candidates by the International Students and Scholars Office for campaigning.

C. Candidates shall be allowed to campaign door to door for the period of the campaign.

D. Candidates are prohibited from using the ISLC, TCK, or AES list serves for campaigning or election related purposes.

E. Candidates shall not be allowed to call voters for the purposes of campaigning.

F. Candidates shall, beyond the limits of this document, be allowed the creative freedom to campaign however they see fit under the condition that:

     1. Should the International Students and Scholars receive complaints of campaign nuisance the ISS shall contact the ISLC President and together they shall judge the extent of the problem, contact the candidate informing them of the issue, and arrive at an appropriate solution.

G. Negative campaigning shall be prohibited. Complaints of negative campaigning shall be addressed to the ISLC Executive Board along with the ISLC advisor which shall address the problem, ascertain the seriousness of the infraction and be responsible for brokering an appropriate solution with the parties involved. Activities such as the usage of chalk for campaigning should be done in moderation and can be subject to limitation.

VI. Election Procedure / Methodology

A. ISLC Elections shall take place according to the “Elections Timeframe” of this document.

B. Candidates win by simply majority, and for every position there is a “none of the above” option.

C. ISLC Elections shall take place online using the ASLC vote casting program Big Pulse, and shall be monitored by the ASLC Chief Elections Officer. The ISS Assistant Director (ISLC advisor) shall meet with the ASLC Chief Elections Officer to confirm that the polls have been closed.

D. When polls close, the ASLC Chief Elections Officer shall immediately advise the ISLC president and advisor as to the results of the election. The ISLC president shall then send an e-mail to the ISLC, AES, and TCK list serves with results.

VII. Election Challenging Procedure

A. Any candidate can challenge the election results within one day of the polls closing. A challenge should be addressed to the ISLC Executive Board as well as the ISLC advisor.

     1. Upon receiving notification of an elections challenge, the ISLC Executive Board shall form an elections committee consisting of the candidates in question, the ISLC president, the ISLC technology advisor, the ASLC Chief Justice, the ASLC Elections Officer, and the ISLC advisor.

          a. The committee shall hear both parties’ cases. Within 24 hours, the committee will decide whether a compromise can be reached.

 i.  A second meeting of the committee and parties will be scheduled if compromise is not possible. In this case, the committee shall then vote whether to uphold the election or call for a re-vote.

ii. Should a re-vote occur it will be held within 3 days of the committees decision unless this falls upon a weekend in which case it will be held the following Monday.

     2. In the event of a re-vote campaign rules will remain the same as in the first election except for the campaign rules timeframe which will be adjusted such that candidates may campaign according to the rules and procedures set up in the “campaign rules” section of this document until two hours before the election. At this point all campaigning shall cease for the duration of polling.

VIII. Disqualification of Candidates from Election

A. Should the ISLC board or the International Student Services receive complaints of elections defamation the complaint shall be taken to the ISLC Executive Board for discussion. The board shall hear the sides of both candidates, ascertain the seriousness of the infraction and decide upon what action shall be taken including but not limited to sanction or disqualification.

     1. If a candidate involved in the discussion is currently serving on the board, he or she shall be asked to leave the room for discussions and deliberations.

IX. Special Election Procedure

A. Should an executive board (President, Vice President, ASLC Representative), position be vacated during a candidate’s tenure on the board, a special election shall be held.

     1. The special election shall be held in the same way as normal ISLC elections except with a timeframe determined by the board and technology advisor which will allow for appropriate campaigning but also for a fast election.

B. If an executive board position opens up over the summer, a committee will determine a replacement. If an executive board position opens up during the year, regular election procedures will be adhered to as is stated in clause IX-A-1.

VII. Amendments

Should the ISLC Board deem necessary, this Charter may be amended to better reflect the needs and structures of ISLC. The ISLC Representative to ASLC shall be responsible for compiling suggestions and submitting amendment proposals. Proposals may be approved and initiated by two-thirds majority vote of the ISLC Board.