2024-2025 Executive Board Candidates

ISLC President Candidate: 
Zahra Tait ’27

Zahra Tait '27, ISLC President Candidate

As a candidate for President, I bring a breadth of leadership experience and a deep commitment and passion to fostering inclusivity and community engagement. My tenure as the elected Head of the Community Committee on the UWC Thailand Student Council and as Community Director for the 24-Hour Race honed my skills in collaboration, communication, and transparency. Through my involvement with the TCK community and ISLC at LC, I have gained valuable insights into the diverse perspectives within our international student body. I am dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where all students feel valued and supported. As President, I will prioritise open dialogue, actively listening to the needs of our community, and implementing initiatives that promote cross-cultural understanding and unity. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive LC where every voice is heard and respected. I look forward to working and learning from you.
ISLC Vice President Candidate: 
Aadya Dixit ’27

Aadya Dixit '27, ISLC Vice-President Candidate
Hey everyone!
My name is Aadya Dixit, born and raised in Lucknow, India. I am a freshman at LC interested in international relations. Other than the ISLC I am involved in ASB as a senator, MUN, and the debate team. HMU to talk about Bollywood, dance, social justice, and cooking. I am so excited to serve as your vice-president at ISLC and I look forward to interacting and working with you!






ISLC Representative to ASB Senate Candidate:
Esraa Alkhateb ’27

Esraa Alkhateb '27, ISLC Rep to ASB candidate Hi, I’m Esraa from Jordan, a freshman at LC. In just a year, I’ve loved meeting students from all over. I’ve learned so much about our beautiful community, campus, and Portland. Now, I am looking forward to be the ISLC Representative in ASB senate, let’s work together to enhance our LC experience and create fun events and opportunities together! Please vote for me :) ❤️



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