Position Descriptions

1. President

The President is the official representative of ISLC in respect to administration, faculty, and student organizations. He/she conducts all International Students meetings. The President organizes and appoints committee chairpersons for large-scale activities. In conjunction with the Activity Chair and rest of the ISLC Board, the President is responsible for activities generated within the organization.

In the event that there are one or more abstentions or a vote-tie, the president has the power to veto a motion. The President is responsible for organizing an election of Executive Board members during spring semester. He/she may delegate duties to ISLC Board members for activities pertaining to the interest of ISLC, and will be responsible for reviewing all Executive Council members’ folders at the end of each academic term.

2. Vice-President 

The Vice-President assumes all functions of the President in the event of his/her absence, dismissal, or resignation. He/she will be responsible for helping with work on ISLC projects throughout the year.

The Vice-President’s primary responsibility is to coordinate the annual International Fair, to be held on the first Saturday of March. In order to aid future Vice-Presidents and boards, the Vice-President is responsible for submitting a record (portfolio) of all activities and ideas for every academic term, and assisting the President in reviewing Board portfolios.

3. ISLC Representative to ASLC

The ISLC Representative to Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) is responsible for acting as a liaison between student government and international students. The ISLC Representative shall attend the weekly meetings of both organizations, submit weekly reports to the ASLC President, and shall perform other duties as assigned by the ISLC President, Vice-President, and Board. The ISLC Representative is responsible for compiling suggestions and submitting amendment proposals to the ISLC Board, and reviewing the ISLC Charter at the request of the ISLC or the Executive Board. In addition, the ISLC Representative shall inform the ISLC Board of proposed changes to the ASLC Bylaws and convey the concerns and questions of the ISLC Board to ASLC Council. In all other cases, the ISLC Representative shall follow procedures outlined in the ASLC Bylaws.