Vehicle Rental Policies & Procedures


For hourly rentals L&C is partnered with Zipcar, providing on demand and self-service cars parking directly on campus! This service is provided to students, faculty and staff. To sign up for a discounted membership please use this link or for more information email Zip. If you have L&C specific questions, please contact Transportation & Parking at 503-768-7757.


  • Create your membership and reserve vehicles on the L&C Zipcar page
  • Watch the how-to-video
  • Download the Zipcar app
  • All Zipcars are located near Templeton Student Center
  • All students 18+ welcome - including international drivers

Zipcar allows members simple 24/7 self service. That means you can reserve a car with a smartphone app or online, then unlock it with your very own Zipcard - keys to the vehicle are are found in the car and always remain in the car. With Zipcar, every trip is a round trip from a dedicated home location either from right on campus or one of many other areas all over PDX.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

8360 SW Barbur Boulevard
Portland, OR 97219

Vehicle reservations can be made directly through Enterprise either by phone or the link above. To reserve a vehicle, you will need to provide:

  • A contact name, phone extension, and email address
  • Sponsoring department name and a purchasing card number
  • Size of vehicle needed (various options listed below ‘Pricing’ heading)
  • Date and time and whether you plan to pick up or have the vehicle delivered
  • The names of all drivers; Enterprise will need to refer to the list of L&C certified drivers to ensure vehicles are being driven by those who have been cleared to drive. For information regarding certification, see below content in the drivers clearance section.
Cancellations for Enterprise rentals MUST be received at least 72 hours in advance or a $60.00 fee may be assessed by the rental agency.

When you are finished with the vehicle, you MUST drop the keys in the key drop box located just North of Olin AND call Enterprise at 503-977-7700 to inform them you are finished with the vehicle. If you are calling outside of their regular business hours, leaving a voicemail will end the charges when they open.

On-Campus Van Rentals

The PE/Athletics and College Outdoors departments each have a small fleet of vans used primarily for their own high volume of trips. At times when these vans are not being used, they are available for outside departmental use for school related activities. Note: students and student clubs are not permitted to rent vehicles from PE.Athletics or College Outdoors.

Both departments share the same pricing structure for renting:

  • $100.00 per calendar day for the first 2 consecutive rental days, followed by $50.00 for additional consecutive calendar days (day 3, day 4, etc.)
  • 50¢ per mile
  • Fuel paid by hosting department
  • Vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel
  • A fine of $35.00 will be added if
    • Vehicle is returned without a full tank of fuel (in this case $35.00 is the refueling/labor charge plus the cost of fuel)
    • If vehicle is returned dirty and must be cleaned (in this case $35.00 is the minimum fine, total cost determined by cost of labor and supplies)
  • Each first-time driver of a campus-owned vehicle must first go through a 15 minute orientation regarding the operation of the vehicle and pass the driver clearance examination (See section below). 
  • Inquiries and reservations can ONLY be made through email, allowing for a consistent and organized reservation system (contact information for each department can be found below)

College Outdoors

College Outdoors has a fleet of two eight-passenger Suburban SUVs and two eight-passenger Expedition SUVs. This fleet is primarily reserved for College Outdoors weekend trips. Busy times for College Outdoors include mid August—Labor Day, fall and spring semester weekends, fall and spring break. Early summer months and over winter break tend to be the easiest time to rent from College Outdoors (December—mid January and May—early August). For specific date availability please contact College Outdoors directly:

Contact Thom Lehman, Assistant Director, College Outdoors, with any questions.


The Athletics department has a fleet of one 15 passenger van, four 12-passenger vans and one 8-passenger Suburban. This fleet is often used by Athletics to transport teams to away games and local practice facilities, availability is therefore limited. Athletics’ frequent daily use of the vehicles makes van availability scarce during the academic year. Summer months and over winter break tend to be the easiest time to rent from Athletics (December – January and May – mid August). For specific date availability please email:

Sharon Sexton, Associate Director of Physical Education and Athletics,

Driver’s Clearance

To be authorized to drive a College vehicle or an Enterprise vehicle leased by the College (not U-Car Share), drivers must complete an online driver’s training course sent to the applicant following the completion of two pieces of paperwork:

Processing takes 3-5 business days, after which applicants will receive login credentials for the online driver training program Alert Driving. Insurance restrictions require that all drivers must have a license from a recognized jurisdiction of the United States. Unless a driver’s record changes due to infractions or accidents, clearances are good for one year for students and temporary employees, and three years for faculty and permanent staff employees.

Upon satisfactory driving record review, the Occupational Health and Safety Officer will send a link to the Online Drivers Training Course to the applicant for completion. Following the successful completion of the course, the applicant’s name will be added to the list of certified drivers (below). Clearance will not be granted without completion of both the record check and the driver training.

When clearance is granted or denied, a letter will be sent to the sponsoring department and to the applicant if possible. Details of the driving record are confidential and may only be disclosed to the applicant. If a driver is denied clearance for an unacceptable driving record, the decision may be appealed. The insurance company then reviews the driving record and a recommendation for additional action is established.

Current list of certified drivers

If you are interested in knowing what members of the community are currently cleared to drive, please follow the link below to see the list of those authorized by department.


Information regarding driving privileges or the current status of an application is available from Facilities Services’ Occupational Health and Safety Officer, Jason Holmgren or 503-768-7818.