Driver's Training and Clearance

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Policy and Procedure

Subject: Driver’s Training and Clearance
Policy #:
Division: Business and Finance
Department: Facilities Services
Date: May 2012, Revised May 2019

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To promote driving safety and reduce the potential for vehicle mishaps through a program of mandatory training and selective screening of all drivers of Lewis & Clark College vehicles.

Policy Statement:

In order to promote the safe use of College motor vehicles, all persons operating College owned or leased vehicles are required to permit screening of their driving records and participate in Lewis & Clark College’s Driver Safety Training Program. Only persons with acceptable driving records, who observe campus and state motor vehicle regulations, and who attend mandatory training scheduled by the Risk Management Coordinator, will be granted the privilege of driving College owned or leased vehicles.


All drivers must be sponsored by a department or recognized College organization, and cleared by the College’s insurance company in accordance with the C.L.I.C. Safety and Loss Control Policy. The sponsoring department or organization has the right to withdraw sponsorship at any time, thereby terminating a driver’s clearance.

Click here to access the online application form for Driver Clearance. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing, after which applicants will receive login credentials for the online driver training program Alert Driving. Insurance restrictions require that all drivers must have a license from a recognized jurisdiction of the United States. Unless a driver’s record changes due to infractions or accidents, clearances are good for one year for students and temporary employees, and three years for faculty and permanent staff employees.

Applicants with satisfactory driving records will be enrolled in the Alert Driving online training program. This training generally takes between 45-90 minutes to complete, with a 90-day window to finish all modules. Upon completion of the online training, drivers will be cleared to operate College owned or leased vehicles.

Details of an individual’s driving record are confidential and may only be disclosed to the applicant. If a driver is denied clearance for an unacceptable driving record, the decision may be appealed. The insurance company then reviews the driving record and a recommendation for additional action is established.

A list of drivers for each department will be maintained on Google Drive and is accessible through the Driver Status LInk. Information regarding the current status of an Driver Clearance application is available from Facilities Services at x7845.