Risk Management

At Lewis & Clark, we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure built and natural environment for the entire L&C community.


Hazard warning

Hazard Communication Program

Lewis & Clark is committed to protecting the safety and health of all community members working in proximity to hazardous materials.  It is their fundamental right to be accurately informed as to the hazards present, the degree of risk of exposure, and the appropriate control measures necessary to avoid these exposures. Download the Hazard Communication Program.

1. MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets

Lewis & Clark College has contracted with Integrated Chemical Management Solutions to provide Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemical compounds used on campus. The link below will take you to a search engine (ChemWatch) to look up and print out any MSDS needed. This is for use by Lewis & Clark Faculty and Staff only. If you have any questions about the use of this website, please contact Jason Holmgren at (503) 768-7818. To use this website you may need to turn off pop-up blockers.

Link to the MSDS - ChemWatch

 Globally Harmonized System

2. Hazardous Waste Policy

Lewis & Clark strives to support the preservation of Oregon’s natural environment.  All hazardous waste generated in the course of educational and operational activities of Lewis & Clark are accumulated, stored, and disposed in a manner which avoids discharge to the environment and which meets federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.  No hazardous wastes shall be accumulated, stored, or removed from Lewis & Clark premises without prior notification of the Risk Management Coordinator. For more information, Download the Hazardous Waste Program. 


Lewis & Clark encourages its employees to work comfortably and safely when using computers.  It is recognized that assuming prolonged postures that depart from the norms of good, body neutral posture is likely to have deleterious results.  Since these are often not readily apparent to the subject employees themselves, ergonomic assistance and assessment is provided.  Contact the Risk Management Coordinator to schedule an assistance visit.

Jason Holmgren, Occupational Health and Safety Manager
(503) 768-7818  
(503) 768-7841 fax
MSC 76 

Accident-Injury-Incident Investigation

Lewis & Clark community members or guests should report all accidents/incidents resulting in either injury or property damage to the Risk Management Office as well as Human Resources.  Risk Management will conduct an accident/incident investigation as to the proximate cause(s) of the event and contact the appropriate insurance carriers.  Human Resources will file claims for workers’ compensation benefits and guide the drug and alcohol testing process.

Submit an initial Incident/Accident Report

Jason Holmgren, Occupational Health and Safety Manager Kris Codron, Associate Director/Benefits Manager
(503) 768-7818  (503) 768-6237 phone
(503) 768-7841 fax (503) 768-6233
MSC 76 MSC 72

Driver’s Training Program

The purpose of the Driver’s Training Program is to promote driving safety and reduce the potential for vehicle mishaps through a program of mandatory training and selective screening of all drivers of Lewis & Clark College vehicles. Below are two forms required to complete the Driver’s Training and Clearance. 

Driver Application Form

Check the Department Driver Status here

View upcoming Driver Expiration here.

Administrative Accommodations

Lewis & Clark is able to provide access accommodations for community members and guests. Please contact Jason Holmgren, Occupational Health and Safety Manager, as early as possible so the College can make the appropriate arrangements.

Jason Holmgren Jason Holmgren 

Occupational Health and Safety Manager
(503) 768-7818


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