Facilities News

Facilities is Working Hard for You!

Here’s the latest and greatest of all the progress Facilities has made this past summer.

Templeton Way is Back, Back Baby!

Yo, LC…let’s kick it…Back, back baby…Back, back baby. Alright stop, collaborate and listen. Templeton Way is back with a brand new addition!

Mitigating Stink Bugs on Campus

With the transition from summer to fall, shield beetles–often referred to as stink bugs–are attempting to find a comfortable indoor spot to settle in for the approaching cooler weather. These harmless insects weasel their way indoors through small cracks and crevices and love campus buildings. Here are tips and tricks for mitigating stink bugs from entering your space or capturing the ones who are currently living rent-free in your area.

Students! Join our Climate Ambassador Program

Worried about climate change? Who isn’t. Want to do something about it at L&C and gain real experience with carbon reduction policies and action? Become a Climate Ambassador!

Student Center Phase 2 Construction Complete! NEW SPACES OPEN 10/7!

A large portion of the student center’s second floor opens SOON, 10/7!

Basically, everything except for the old Mail Room and hallway on the west end of the second floor will be open. We will begin installing furniture in this space starting Wednesday, 9/28. In addition, the east exterior (ravine side) stairs will also be open and usable starting 10/7. 

Note that visitors to Fields Dining Room will still need to enter from the wooden ramp on the northwest side of the building. 

Please continue to be watchful of construction signage and stay clear of any areas identified as a construction zone.
No Parking Fire Lane Double Arrow Sign On White Background

Fire Lane Parking

We know parking is tight on campus, but we also have to ensure that our fire lanes are clear of vehicles in the event of an emergency. As you come to campus each day, please be mindful of the red lines either on the curb or on the pavement that say No Parking Fire Lane.

Additional parking can be found at the Grad School via Gate 7 or at St. Mark’s Church.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we settle into this new year and new parking situations.

Sustainability Council Seeks New Members

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to join the Lewis & Clark Sustainability Council.

Hiring Part Time Fall Semester Positions for Student Workers

Facilities Services are hiring several part time student worker positions for the 2022 Fall Semester!

Templeton Update: Power, Paving, and Troom–Oh, My!

CONSTRUCTION ALERT: Templeton power will be shut down Saturday, August 6.