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Facilities and Campus Information Resources

These resources are password protected.

All data contained herein is for the sole use of those who have been assigned access for Lewis & Clark business. This web site contains confidential and privileged information and any unauthorized access, review, disclosures or distribution is prohibited. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in loss of access and could result in legal action.

Access will be given to employees with supervisor’s approval. Vendors may be granted limited access on a project by project basis with the project manager’s approval. Contact Denise King, ext. 7816, for assistance.

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Aerial Photos

Building Floor Plans (Basic)

Building Construction Drawings

Campus Maps

  • Campus Base Maps
  • Campus Properties
  • Campus Outdoor Places
  • Drain Location 
  • Drop-Down Fire Doors - Templeton
  • Emergency AED Locations
  • Emergency Phone Tower Locatons
  • Fire Hydrant and FDC’s
  • Evacuation Assembly Areas
  • Fuel and Oil Tank Map and Information
  • Gas Shut-offs
  • Generator Map and Information
  • Irrigation Shut-offs - POC and ISO Valve Locations
  • Hose Bib Locations_by Campus
  • Lights - Campus Light Pole Location Maps
  • Lights - Exterior Building Lights - Moved to separate link below
  • Neighborhood Street Map
  • Snow Removal 
  • Templeton Drop-Down Doors
  • Timer Locations for Bldgs
  • Water Shut-offs - Campus and Rentals
  • You Are Here Map Kiosk Locations

Classroom and Lab Phone numbers

Driving Maps to Campus Locations

Estate Fountain/Pool Manual

Event Venue Drawings

Exterior Building Light Maps

Frank Estate Historic Information and Photos


Megamation Mobile

Megamation - Enter Work Orders - LCWorks

Parking Lot Information

Policies and Procedures (Facilities Services)

Supervisor On-Call Information



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