Meet the Facilities Staff

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Administrative Staff
David Ernevad Associate Vice President for Facilities

(503) 768-7979
Jay Jording Interim Director of Operations

(503) 768-7847
Cassie Quaglia Interim Director of Operations

(503) 768-7816
 Wendy Finch Facilities Operations Coordinator

(503) 768-7845
Risk Management Staff
 Jason Holmgren Occupational Health and Safety Officer (503) 768-7818
Transportation & Parking Staff
Gabriel Montez Transportation & Parking Program Manager (503) 768-7857
Ian Gadberry Transportation Coordinator (503) 768-7849
Fleet Maintenance Staff
Jabu Boka Fleet Mechanic (503) 768-7797
Building Maintenance Staff
Richard Austin Lead Painter (503) 768-7845
Ken Dodson Locksmith (503) 768-7845
Don Anderegg Carpenter (503) 768-7845
Steve Tyrrill General Maintenance (503) 768-7845
Adam Ferrel Acting Lead Carpenter (503) 768-7845
Shane Davis General Maintenance (503) 768-7845
Electrical/Engineering Staff
Kenneth Gaine Lead Maintenance Engineer (503) 768-7845
Brian Gardner Maintenance Engineer (503) 768-7845
Dave Burgess Maintenance Engineer (503) 768-7845
Adam Hertel Electrician (503) 768-7845

Jeffrey Roberts  Maintenance Engineer (503) 768-7845
Events Preparation Staff
Henry van Vuuren Events AV Coordinator (503) 768-7293
Ian Gadberry Events Preparation/Transportation Coordinator (503) 768-7849
Sean Bishop General Maintenance (503) 768-7845
Casey Barnes General Maintenance (503) 768-7845 

Grounds Maintenance Staff
Max Williams Lead Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845
Amanda Wilson Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845
Tim Putnam Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845
Erik Olson Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845 erikolson
Jerry Vandecoevering Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845
Chris Factor Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845
 Laura Everard Groundskeeper (503) 768-7845
Housekeeping Staff (A&A Maintenance)
Joe Principe
Regional Manager - PNW (206) 304-0095
Elitania Gutierrez Operations Manager (503) 768-7851  
Maria de Luz Uribe Day Cleaner
Blanca Pineda Day Cleaner
Sandra Pliego Day Cleaner
Maria de Jesus Fuentes Day Cleaner
Liliana Arellano Day Lead Cleaner
Carmen Abarca Day Cleaner
Ricarda Sanchez Day Cleaner
Maria Guadalupe R Day Cleaner
Felipa Urbina Day Cleaner
Asuncion Quintas Martinez Day Cleaner
Veronica Giron Day Cleaner
Maria luisa Magallan Day Cleaner
Celso Vazques Night Supervisor
Gloria Garcia Gutierrez Night Cleaner
Veronica Calzada Night Cleaner
Alejandra Juarez Aquirre Night Cleaner
Margarita Garcia Night Cleaner
Armando Hernandez Floor Care Specialist
Maria Arsenia Aispuro Night Cleaner
Jose Roberto Vieyra Floor Care Specialist / Recycling
Hilda Zapien Night Cleaner
Jaqueline Vazques Night Cleaner
Bibiana Zepeda Night Cleaner
Maria Del Rosario Becerra Night Cleaner
Eloisa Pabon Night Cleaner
Frank Calzada Night Cleaner
Jose Antonio Gallegos Night Cleaner
Wellness Clean Ambassadors
Abihail Uribe Day Ambassador
Rigoberto Bejar Day Ambassador / Porter
Jaime Uribe Day Ambassador
Ignacia Hernandez Weekend Ambassador
Angelica Gutierrez Weekend Ambassador
Jose Martinez Vivanco Weekend Ambassador


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