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Academic English Studies

Dates, Costs, and Housing


Term Placement Test and Orientation* First Day of Class Last Day of Exams
Spring 2018 January 16 January 17 May 3
Summer I 2018 May 14 May 15 June 8
Summer II 2018 June 11 June 12 July 6
Summer III 2018 July 8 July 9 August 2
Fall 2018 August 28, 29, 30 September 4 December 12

Note:  We do not have an application deadline, however we encourage everyone to apply early.

 *Students who do not arrive on the first day for the placement test and orientation will be charged a late testing fee of $125.



2017-18 Charges per semester (16 weeks fall and Spring, 12 weeks summer)
AES Tuition $6,260.00 (The summer four-week sessions are $2,087.00 each.)
Student Body Fee $180. (fall and spring only)
Health Insurance $1,275.50
Green Energy Fee $20. (optional, fall only)
Media Fee $20. (optional, fall and spring)
Late Testing Fee $125. (as needed)

Note:  There is no application fee.

Other Charges

Books (estimated): $150-300 per semester, payable to the Lewis & Clark Bookstore

More Information on Undergraduate (BA/BS) program charges.


How to pay

There are several different ways to pay your tuition and housing charges.  Several weeks before you start, an invoice will be sent to your Lewis & Clark email address.  Click here for detailed information on how to pay. 


Housing Information


What are my housing choices?

There are several great housing options for AES students:

  • On Campus. Many AES students live on campus with American undergraduates. The residence hall rooms all have wireless network access and all halls have lounges, free laundry facilities and kitchens.  Meal plans are required in the fall and spring.  Forms for requesting on-campus housing and costs are online, or you can send a request to the AES office at

    Meal plans are required for all students living on campus in the fall and spring.  Our food service provider takes special care to offer students a wide variety of entree items (including halal, vegetarian, and vegan options) plus unlimited salad, dessert, and beverage bars.  You may choose from among five meal plans:  three of which include flex points.  Flex points are a dollar value placed on your student ID card which you can use like a declining balance.

    Charges for meal plans are listed on this page.

  • Off Campus. AES students may also rent a house or apartment off-campus.  Rooms in a shared housing situation can start at $600 per month.  A studio or one-bedroom apartment can start at $1,000, three-bedrooms can start at $1,500.  Some single rooms are furnished; most apartments are not furnished.  Utilities may be a separate charge.The AES office has prepared a list of local apartment to get you started with your search.
  • Homestays.  A homestay is a unique opportunity to practice English, learn about U.S. culture and family life and share your own culture. If you are interested in living with a host family, contact ANDEO.  ANDEO is a non-profit organization that finds American homes for international students.   An ANDEO homestay includes a  private room, all meals, easy access to public transportation, airport pickup from Portland International Airport, orientation materials and support from ANDEO staff.  

Wherever you live, it’s good to know that the Lewis & Clark campus is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.  According to statistics released by the FBI, crime in Portland continues to be low. Forbes and Travel & Leisure have ranked Portland as one of the safest cities in the USA. 


Housing rates in summer are $175 per week for summer 2017.  Click here for more information about summer housing.