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Backcountry Marmot Research in Olympic National Park

Explore the backcountry of Olympic National Park! Olympic National Park is home to a vast array of striking features, including high glacial peaks, old growth temperate rain forest, wild coastline, and unique wildlife. We’ll backpack to a remote part of the park to participate in ongoing research of native marmot populations under the direction of wildlife biologists for the National Park Service. We’ll spend a few days participating in the research, and the rest of the time backpacking through the heart of the park. You will learn about biological field data collection methods, contribute to important wildlife research, and spend time exploring this spectacular wild corner of the Northwest. This is the only trip College Outdoors runs to Olympic National Park, so you won’t want to miss out!

Detailed Trip Description 

Trip Details

Arrive by: 11:00am, Tues., Aug. 18, 2020
Return: Tues. evening, Aug. 25, 2020

Cost: Need-based financial aid is applied for those who qualify. For those without financial aid, the full-price cost is $875*

Rigor: 4.5 

Equipment and Packing List

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  • The required forms linked below are due by Wednesday, July 15th

           ~Complete these forms AFTER you have received a trip placement email~

    Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk Form (please print, sign, and return by mail, fax or scanned email attachment)

    Online Equipment Request Form (you’ll need to have your Lewis & Clark email set up to access this) Fill this out after you have received your trip placement.

    Online Travel Form (you’ll need to have your Lewis & Clark email set up to access this)

*This price reflects the full cost of the trip before financial aid. If you submitted a FAFSA, the cost to you will be calculated on a need-based sliding scale. Simply check the box regarding financial aid on the New Student Trip Reservation Form. Your financial award will be included in the email with your trip placement.

Plan to add $5/day for gluten-free or other specialized diet requests (a vegetarian option is included at no extra charge), medical dietary restrictions exempt. Vegan diets are not available on this trip.


Not sure about your first backcountry poo?  Check out this informative, yet funny video:

Foot care is very important! Learn how to prevent blisters on your trip: