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ASLC Scholarships

The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark College, ASLC, generously provides trip scholarships for any students who receive federal financial aid. 

The fund provides 50% off all fall semester and spring semester trips to eligible trip participants. For the New Student Trips in August, financial awards are based on financial need, as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form for that student.  So, some students who qualify for Federal aid will get more than 50% in financial aid for their New Student Trips, and some students will get less, depending on their family’s Federally-determined financial need.

College Outdoors is proud to have offered these scholarships since 2012, and will continue this Scholarship Program as long as College Outdoors is able to obtain appropriate funding.


Semester Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible for the scholarships?

All Lewis & Clark College undergraduate students with federal financial aid are eligible. International students with need-based financial aid, including Davis Scholars, are also eligible.

To check to see if you receive federal financial aid, log into WebAdvisor and navigate to Financial Aid. If you receive a Federal Work-Study, a Pell Grant, or Federally Subsidized loans, you are eligible. If your financial aid is merit-based scholarships or unsubsidized loans, you are not eligible for this scholarship.


Do I need to fill out a form before you can see if I have aid?

Yes. Students need to fill out and sign a short form that says they are applying for financial aid, that they acknowledge that they have a federal financial aid award, and that they give College Outdoors permission to verify this award. They can fill this form out in the office during regular hours or by dropping it off in our drop-box next to the sign up sheets.  


Will you be able to see the details of my financial information when looking to see if I am qualified?

No, we will only know if you have federal financial aid but not how much you receive.


Where does the funding come from for the scholarships?

The funding comes from ASLC and is allocated by the Student Organizations Committee, which is supported by undergraduate student fees.


Can I contribute to the funding for future years?

Yes, we are happy to accept donations from anyone interested in contributing to the Scholarship Fund. For more information on how, click here


How much money will participants receive for a trip?

Participants will receive 50% off of the posted trip price for academic-year trips.  Scholarships for our New Student Trips vary depending on financial aid status.  


If I’m a student coordinator for a trip and I qualify for the scholarship program, how much of the trip cost do I have to pay?

As a student coordinator, you receive 50% off of the trip price, meaning that since the scholarship reduced the posted price by 50%, you would pay 50% of the reduced price, or 75% off of the posted price.


Why do students of all amounts of federal financial aid receive the same amount per trip?

There are two main reasons for this decision. The first is that keeping all allotted aid equal between students was a requirement of ASLC for funding. Second, this allows for a less-invasive protocol in giving out the scholarships.


Are the scholarships available for all trips?

Almost all of our trips offered have scholarships available for them. The WFR course and WFR-Recert courses do not however have scholarships available at the moment.


Can you receive a scholarship for more than one trip?

Yes, you can receive scholarships for as many trips as you sign up for if you qualify. You must fill out an application for scholarship program aid form for each trip, however.


Is there a maximum number of people offered scholarships for a trip?

No. If everyone on the trip is eligible, everyone will receive scholarships. 



If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call at (503) 768-7116 or shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.