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NST Logistics Information

Registration is now closed for 2020 Virtual New Student Trips, which will take place in August right before New Student Orientation. 

Virtual New Student Trips keep the very BEST part of any New Student Trip – the chance to build meaningful friendships with other new students. There is no charge for these “trips”, and we hope EVERYONE will participate.

All New Student Trips in 2020 will be virtual. Once you are on campus, there will be lots of in-person opportunities to participate in College Outdoors trips and Student Leadership and Service projects, including week-long trips over Spring Break.


Info for 2021 trips:


Arrive (at PDX airport, or on campus) between 9:00am - 11:00am on the day your trip starts.


Can I move in to my residence hall before my trip leaves?

Unfortunately, at this point in Campus Living’s planning, you can’t move into the room you’ll live in for the semester before your trip leaves, though this plan could change.  College Outdoors will store your luggage (things you are not taking on your trip) in a secure location while you are on your adventure.

You will be able to move in to your room when you return on Tuesday evening, August 24th, 2021 and there will be people and vehicles to help you do this.  One of your trip leaders will drive a van with all your group’s luggage and deliver it to the various residence halls on campus, with all of you along, so you’ll be able to visit your trip members’ new rooms and see where your new friends will be living.

Where will my belongings be stored that aren’t coming on the trip?

We have a large, secure storage space available for you to store any luggage and college supplies you bring with you to Portland.  There’s plenty of room so you can feel free to bring everything that you’ll need for your first year of college- we’ll have the space to store it while you are on your trip.

Should my parents drop me off before the trip, or meet up after?

Many students arrive on their own for college, and it isn’t necessary to have parents/friends/family come to campus since we help you know what to do and where to go. However, some families come with their student before the trips and drop them off, along with all their stuff. Other students travel alone for the trip, then have their families meet them afterwards (once the new student trip returns to campus) with a load of stuff. This second option has the benefit of your family getting to see your residence hall and be on campus for Parent Preview Days.  (Parent Preview Days will be different this fall compared to past years, due to COVID-19 restrictions.)

What should I pack for my trip?

Each trip has its own trip specific packing list, which can be found on the trip page linked here. Make sure to visit your trip page to find a detailed trip description, all the information you need about what to pack, and specifics about what you can borrow from us.  Please call or email us if you have any questions about what to bring.  We can supply most of your personal gear (like raincoats, sleeping bags, hiking boots, wetsuits) for no extra charge.  All the group gear (tents, camp stoves, water purification systems, kayaks, etc.) is supplied by us at no extra charge.

When should I arrive for my trip?

Plan to arrive between 9:00am and 11:00amm Pacific Time on the day your trip starts. Once you’ve received your trip assignment email confirming your place on a trip, you can begin making your travel arrangements to Portland. If you’re arriving by plane, train, or bus, please schedule an arrival time at the airport or train/bus station no later than 11am on the day your trips starts. We will provide transportation for you from there to Lewis & Clark. If you’re arriving by car, please arrive at Lewis & Clark (pull up to the Corbett House, Gate 7, Graduate Campus) between 9:00am and 11:00am.

I’m driving to campus, where do I go?

Once you have navigated to Lewis & Clark College on Palatine Hill Rd, go to Corbett House on the Graduate Campus. Enter at Gate 7 (off Palatine Hill Road), and follow the signs (take your first left in the parking lot, then your first right, the Corbett House will be the mansion in front of you). CLICK HERE for a map of campus. We’ll have signs on Palatine Hill Road leading into campus pointing you towards the Corbett House, and smiling faces waiting to greet you. 

I arrive the day before my trip starts, where can I stay?

You should be able to find a same-day flight that arrives at PDX (Portland’s airport) by 11am Pacific Time (which is 2pm Eastern Time).  Unfortunately, because the residence halls on campus are normally being cleaned and painted up through the week our trips depart campus, we are unable to provide any accommodations on campus prior to the first day of your trip.

If you’re arriving in Portland the day before your trip begins and need a place to stay, we have a partial list of HOTELS near the airport which have complementary airport shuttles. You can take a hotel shuttle back to the airport in the morning before 9:00am, where our Lewis & Clark shuttles will pick you up. (See What do I do once my plane lands? below for information about how to connect with our Lewis  & Clark shuttle.) You are welcome to stay at whatever hotel you prefer.  Just make sure they allow guests under the age of 21, and that your hotel offers a shuttle that will take you back to the airport in the morning, so we can pick you up at the information kiosk next to baggage claim #8!

What should I carry on the plane?

Airlines sometimes lose baggage, so carry the most essential, expensive, and hard-to-replace items on the plane with you, such as your money, face masks, medications, inhaler, contact lenses and/or glasses, and sunglasses. If you will be taking ANY prescription medication or inhalers on your trip, please bring double the necessary amount, in two separate containers, and bring them in your carry-on luggage.

Your trip leaders will carry one set of your medications so you have a backup supply if something happens to your medication or inhaler.

What do I do once my plane lands?

Once you get your luggage, please wait at the information desk closest to baggage claim #8 (there are two info desks in the baggage area;  be sure you’re at the info desk by baggage claim #8). A College Outdoors staff member will be there from approximately 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (and later if your flight is delayed), carrying a sign that says “Lewis & Clark.” We will be picking people up in groups, so you may have to wait just a bit while the next couple of flights arrive. If your flight is significantly delayed, please call us at (503)-768-7116 to let us know the new arrival time in Portland.   We won’t leave you at the airport, even if your flight is late!

Our first shuttle will arrive at PDX (the Portland International Airport) around 9:00 AM. If your flight arrives before then, go check out the great pastries at Beaverton Bakery, grab a drink at Coffee People, or browse the book selection at Powell’s Books in the Main Concourse. Please be patient if we get held up by traffic. People-watching opportunities are great at the Portland Airport!

Please double check your arrival information as indicated in your Final Trip Details email or contact us for this information. If anything has changed, please notify us as soon as possible at (503) 768-7116. 

What happens if my FLIGHT IS DELAYED? Will I miss my trip?

Choose a flight that is scheduled to land at the Portland airport by 11:00am Pacific Time on the day your trip starts. If your flight is delayed or you have any unexpected travel complications, please let us know as soon as possible by calling 503-768-7116. We will make arrangements to pick you up and connect you with your trip.

I’m arriving by Bus or Train, how will I get to campus?

Please wait near the taxi stand outside the bus or train station for us to pick you up. These pickups are coordinated with the airport shuttles, so if we’re not waiting for you at the taxi stand when you arrive, you can call us at (503) 768-7116 to find out when we’ll be there to chauffeur you to Lewis & Clark. If we know you’ll be waiting a while for a shuttle, we will let you know in advance (shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes). If your bus or train is seriously delayed or rerouted, please call as soon as you can, so we can adjust our shuttles accordingly.

What happens when I arrive at Lewis & Clark?

We’ll have staff members ready to assist you in moving your gear for college into our storage facility, the Corbett House. Once you’ve stored the luggage you don’t need for your trip, we’ll walk you to our College Outdoors warehouse where you’ll meet your trip leaders and the other new students on your trip. At this point, students will be assisted by their trip leaders only - Parents, this is when you will say (a temporary) goodbye to your student. Parents are welcome to reconnect with their student for lunch, but please help prevent overcrowding in our gear warehouse by cooperating with our staff.

When will I get the gear I requested?

After you’ve met your trip leaders, they will go through your equipment with you to ensure that you have everything you need for your trip. If you requested to borrow gear from us, your gear will be waiting for you for you to try on.   If it doesn’t fit correctly, we have a large inventory, so we can adjust the sizing for you.

Will I get help packing for my trip?

Your trip leaders will be there to assist you in packing for your trip, and they will make sure you have everything you need. This is especially helpful for backpacking trips!

Is lunch provided the day my trip starts?

Yes, lunch is provided for you on the day of your trip.  Lunch at Fields Dining Hall (in the Templeton Campus Center) is covered by your trip fee. Your family or friends are welcome to eat in Field Dining Hall if they’d like, though their meals are an additional ~$8.75/person.  Make sure you eat lunch, as meals with your trip begin on the evening of your trip departure date.

When does my trip leave campus?

Your trip will depart in the afternoon (likely between 3pm & 5pm) that day. After this point, you will have limited access to cell phone service and no computer access. Part of the experience we provide includes an intentional detachment of these modern technologies. Our many years of running New Student Trips has taught us that groups benefit from engaging in conversation with one another which can be hindered by cell phones and other electronic devices.

Are these trips welcoming for transgender and gender-queer students?

Absolutely, we welcome students of all identities and gender expressions, and trip leaders receive training on gender diversity and inclusivity. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding what to expect on your trip, or about what facilities are available.



Quick Run-Through:
  1. Arrive on campus via one of our shuttles or your own car (between 9:00am - 11:00am)
  2. Store luggage you’re not taking on your trip at the Corbett House
  3. Say (temporary) goodbye to parents; meet trip leaders.
  4. Check over and get your gear packed for your trip
  5. Get your Student ID card at Campus Safety (we provide maps and send you as a group)
  6. Eat lunch at Fields Dining Room with your trip members
  7. Meet back up with your trip at the gear warehouse, load up your vehicles with gear and supplies, and depart campus!



All trips return by Tuesday evening, August 24th, 2021

When will I be back on campus? When can I move into my residence hall? 

Expect to arrive on campus sometime Tuesday (August 24th for 2021) late afternoon or early evening, in time for dinner on campus.  Once you arrive, we’ll spend some time unpacking from the trip and cleaning up trip gear. Expect this process to take about 2 hours (the more time your group works on cleanup on Tuesday, the less time your crew needs to clean on Wednesday morning). After that, we’ll help check you into your room in your new residence hall.  Moving you into your room, and helping others from your trip move into their rooms (so you can see where the other people from your trip live!) can take about another 2 hours.  

If you have stored items with us while you were on your trip, we’ll shuttle them to your room Tuesday night (make sure to pack your bed linens with your stored supplies, so you have something to sleep on when you get back). Since you’ll be arriving early to your new room, maybe wait until your roommate arrives on Wednesday before taking on all the interior decorating.  :) 

Dinner will be served Tuesday evening (many NST trips eat as a group) in Fields Dining Room (in Templeton Center).

When can I see my family and friends?

If you have family or friends in Portland and they’d like to see you the evening you arrive, let them know you should be free around 8:00 PM (depending on your specific trip logistics, you might be done earlier than 8:00 PM). The best way for them to find you would be for you to access your cell phone after you and your group are finished unloading and cleaning up from your trip. 

Wednesday morning clean-up and move-in:

On Wednesday morning, you can have breakfast with your NST (New Student Trip) group in Fields Dining Hall, then head up to Sequoia, the College Outdoors gear warehouse, to finish any clean up or check in of your gear.  Expect to be done with gear cleanup by 11:00 AM at the latest. You’ll be free to continue unpacking your room at that time.  

Orientation begins Wednesday afternoon:

Clean-up does not impact participation in on-campus New Student Orientation (NSO).  New Student Orientation officially kicks off at 3:30pm on Wednesday, giving parents and students plenty of time to get settled into campus before the activities of NSO begin.