Opportunities & Applications

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Leadership Applications

College Outdoors trips are led by students, and there are many roles available along the Leadership Trail. To get involved, fill out these forms:

  1. College Outdoors Student Coordinator Application - Received on a rolling basis.
  2. Trip Preference Form - Received on a rolling basis. New Trip preference forms must be submitted every semester for every leadership role, since the trip options change!

New Student Trips (NSTs) and other special programs have a separate application:

New Student Trips Application 

Applications are evaluated by the Roundtable student-run steering committee. Students will be alerted by email if they have received a trip placement.

Employment Opportunities

College outdoors employs student workers in the office in Templeton, and at the gear warehouse in Sequoia. Hiring preference is given to those who have Work-Study and who are involved in the program through the Leadership Trail. Please contact us if you are interested, it’s a great way to learn more about what it takes to make our trips happen, expand your skillset, connect with the College Outdoors community. We usually hire a few new students each term.

We also offer paid positions for primary leadership roles on trips, including roles as a Trip Leader (TL), Day Trip Leader (DTL), On-Campus Activity Leader (OC), or a Trip Specialist. Learn more about the different roles, and the specific requirements, responsibilities, and benefits as outlined in the Leadership Trail Map.

Outdoor Job Search Resources

Click here to join our Outdoor Jobs & Opportunities Mailing list!
Opportunities that are sent to College Outdoors are passed along to this mailing list. Note that we do not have experience with many of the employers. If you are specifically seeking a position that will give your the leadership experience needed to meet the requirements for serving as a Trip Leader (TL) or Day Trip Leader (DTL), please reach out to a member of the professional staff to find out if a specific opportunity will count.

Employers we Love:

This is a list organizations that have employed LC students in the past, and helped prepare them to be great Trip Leaders:

Deer Hill Expeditions (Joe recommends! Great Training!)
NW Outward Bound Intern 
NW Youth Corps
Camp Manito-wish
Camp Orkila (Kayaking)
Camp Nebagamon 
Washington Trails Association (WTA)
Oregon River Experiences 
Colvig Silver Camps 
Cheley Colorado Camps 
Portland Kayak (doesn’t qualify for Trip Leader experience, but we still love them)

Many great jobs can also be found in Handshake, through the Career Center