New Student Trips

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New Student Trip Options

Hike & Paddle Oregon’s Alps

Hike and Paddle in the Wallowa Mountains, known as “Oregon’s Swiss Alps”! Different from the Cascade Mountains, these Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon reach up to nearly 10,000 feet and are similar to the Rockies. This trip provides amazing outdoor activities each day; canoeing or stand up paddleboarding on Wallowa Lake, exploring the local rivers, and spectacular rugged hikes into the Eagle Cap Wilderness, known as the “crown jewel” of the Wallowa Mountains. Of course, there will also be time to chill at the camp we rented, swim at the beach at Wallowa Lake, and get to know the other new students on your trip. You will stay at a camp College Outdoors has rented, eat great food in the camp’s dining hall, have access to showers and flush toilets in the bathrooms at the camp, and reside in rustic cabins for the week. Read the detailed trip description to learn more (coming soon).

Backcountry Marmot Research in Olympic National Park

Explore the backcountry of Olympic National Park! Olympic National Park is home to a vast array of striking features, including high glacial peaks, old growth temperate rain forest, wild coastline, and unique wildlife. We’ll backpack to a remote part of the park to participate in ongoing research of native marmot (a small mammal) populations under the direction of wildlife biologists for the National Park Service. We’ll spend a few days participating in the research, and the rest of the time backpacking through the heart of the park. You will learn about biological field data collection methods, contribute to important wildlife research, and spend time exploring this spectacular wild corner of the Northwest. This is the only trip College Outdoors runs to Olympic National Park, so you won’t want to miss out! Read the detailed trip description to learn more. (coming soon)

Backpack Mt Adams

Visit the alpine meadows, lakes, forests, and glaciers surrounding this huge dormant volcano, the second tallest peak in the Northwest. Camp in the meadows below massive glaciers and watch the beautiful sunsets. This wilderness has fantastic views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and the jagged Goat Rocks Mountains. The group plans to hike about 4-7 miles per day carrying backpacks. This is the perfect place to make new friends! Read the detailed trip description to learn more (coming soon).

Backpack Mt St Helens

This still-active volcano is famous for blowing it’s top off in an 1980 eruption, resulting in a spectacular landscape to explore today.  Waterfalls and bubbling springs are waiting to be discovered on this backpack trip, on trails traversing the mountain, and visiting some of the areas still recovering from the massive 1980 eruption. You’ll see alpine vistas and island or old growth forest. Each day we’ll hike through this remarkable landscape carrying everything we need on our backs, and sleep in tents at night. Read the detailed trip description to learn more (coming soon).

Backpack the Wallowa Mountains

The Wallowa Mountains are hidden gem in the northeastern corner of Oregon. Rising up from the mile-deep canyon of the Snake River on the Idaho border, these peaks reach almost 10,000 feet. Eagle Cap Wilderness Area covers most of these mountains, offering great backpacking. Join us on this amazing week-long hike through the high country, complete with alpine lakes, glacier-carved valleys, lush meadows and incredible sights. The group plans to hike an average of 6 miles per day carrying backpacks. Trails in the Wallowas are generally steep, but the scenery makes the effort worthwhile. This wilderness is one of the best kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest and looks much like the Swiss Alps. Read the detailed trip description to learn more. (coming soon)

Creative PDX: Exploring the Arts in Portland

Explore your new home through the arts! Portland is known for its unique and quirky creative culture including visual art, music, dance, theater, literary arts and more. This program will give you the opportunity to get to know the Portland arts scene while also getting the chance to participate in a Guest Artist Residency program, collaborating with a nationally recognized artist making new work at Lewis & Clark. Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Explore the Coastal Rainforest

The coastal rainforests of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington offer a diverse and lush landscape of towering trees, giant ferns, and abundant streams. You’ll get to explore some of the remaining ancient forests, as well as enjoy the sandy beaches, tidepools, and rocky bluffs looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Keep an eye out for elk, beaver, deer, eagles, great blue herons, and sandhill cranes. Come see why the Oregon Coast is a premiere destination for outdoor enthusiasts! Read the detailed trip description to learn more (coming soon).

Hike & Kayak Waldo Lake

Imagine floating on water so clear it looks like you are flying! Waldo Lake, sitting at 5,000 feet in the Waldo Lake Wilderness in the Cascade Mountains, is rated the 2nd clearest lake in the world. Sea kayak this huge lake, camp on islands, munch on huckleberries, and gaze at the snow-covered volcanoes in the distance. This trip includes a number of great hikes to surrounding mountains and waterfalls, so bring your hiking boots! No previous experience necessary, but we recommend folks be able to swim, have reasonable upper body strength for paddling, and be free of back, shoulder or wrist troubles.

Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Hike & Stand-Up Paddleboard the Columbia Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, where the mighty Columbia passes narrowly through the Cascade Mountains, is one of country’s great natural treasures. Explore the area’s extensive hiking trails, taking in sights of towering cliffs, soaring bald eagles, and countless waterfalls. Enjoy the protected and beautiful inlets of the Columbia River while learning how to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). We’ll spend our nights in a comfortable rustic lodge featuring showers, bunk beds, and the most spectacular view from any swimming pool in Oregon! Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Raft the Deschutes River

If you love paddling on a summer day, then this camping trip is the perfect choice for you. On our longest rafting tour, we float for nearly 100 miles on Oregon’s Deschutes River, from its upper reaches to its confluence with the Columbia River. The Deschutes River basin is a desert environment covered with grasses, sagebrush, and stout juniper trees. It is inhabited by golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, deer, and other Eastern Oregon wildlife. Both novices and seasoned river rats will enjoy long, quiet stretches of water as well as challenging rapids such as Oak Springs and Box Car. Spend late afternoons hiking beautiful side canyons, swimming, and learning to cook excellent river cuisine. (Although everyone wears a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), we still recommend that you be able to swim.) Read the detailed trip description to learn more. (coming soon)

Surf & SUP the Oregon Coast

The Northwest Oregon Coast is a dramatic landscape of cliffs, beaches, rainforest, tide pools, and mountains. On this unique trip we’ll be staying at a rustic camp while we alternate between days of Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUPing), hiking, and one day of Surf lessons! You’ll get to experience all of the best parts of the Oregon coast: sandy beaches with fun waves for surfing, protected bays, lakes, and rivers for SUPing, and gorgeous forests, beaches, and bluffs for hiking. Come see why the Oregon Coast is a premiere destination for outdoor enthusiasts! Read the detailed trip description to learn more (coming soon).

Beyond Portlandia: Environmental Justice

Portland is a hub for the national movements for climate justice and against environmental racism. Trip participants will connect with local advocates working to ensure that our city’s sustainability efforts benefit Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC), low income families and other marginalized groups. We’ll examine tactics related to urban agriculture, green jobs, and mass transportation. Participants should come ready to learn new perspectives, get their hands dirty & share some delicious locally-grown food. Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Beyond Portlandia: Racial Justice

How does one of the whitest cities in the country approach race & racial justice? Join this trip to learn about local Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)-led efforts for change. Including mutual aid work, arts projects, housing and health reform work, Portland’s racial justice movement is multifaceted and innovative! Students of all races are encouraged to participate. Read the detailed trip description to learn more.

Xplore: STEM Program

This FREE program is a fun and unique opportunity for students from historically under-represented groups who are interested in science, math, and health sciences. You’ll have the chance to take part in lab activities, critical thinking tasks, and get to know some current students and faculty. We’ll alternate our time between exciting STEM opportunities, with explorations of campus and Portland, field trips in the beautiful Oregon outdoors, and much more! Take advantage of this chance to connect with others interested in STEM fields, and get to know your new home.

This program has a separate application and registration process for those who qualify. Learn all about it and apply:

Xplore: Pathways to Success in STEM