Student Leadership

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Interested in Helping Lead College Outdoors Trips?

  1. Learn about the Leadership Trail & the 10+1 Skills for Outdoor Leaders
  2. Submit a Student Coordinator Application & a Trip Preference Form
  3. Take advantage of Leader Training opportunities

Our System

Most of our programs are run by student staff, all of whom started out as volunteers for the program and worked their way along our Leadership Trail — our systematic way of fostering and evaluating the growth of leaders in an outdoor education setting. 

Who Leads Our Trips?

Our leadership teams are composed of Student Coordinators (SCs), Assistant
Leaders (ALs), and Trip Leaders (TLs) who actively engage in a feedback dialogue in order to build strengths, improve trips, and develop skills in outdoor leadership. Each role has specific requirements, responsibilities, and benefits

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • A great way to get involved beyond weekend trips is to attend the Wednesday evening Open House sessions, where you can expand your outdoor skill set while engaging with the College Outdoors Community.
  • Go on trips as a participant! This is a great way to start to learn the systems and skills you need to have to be a great leader, and get to know current staff.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at: