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Interested in Helping Lead a New Student Trip in August?

Applications are available now and are due on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016.

Click Here for more information and the application!

Interested in Helping Lead College Outdoors Trips?

READ THIS FIRST :: If you have not worked for College Outdoors previously, but are interested in leading trips, we ask that you complete an Application AND a Trip Preference Form. If you have previously applied or have worked for CO as an SC/AL/TL, then you only need to submit the Trip Preference Form.

Below are the Student Coordinator Application and Trip Preference forms for Spring 2016. We’ve also added a handy guide to College Outdoors’ Trip Leader Progression, which includes tips and information about the CO “Leader Ladder” and outdoors skills CO expects of its leaders. Be sure to check that out, too!


Our System
Most of our programs are run by student staff, all of whom started out as volunteers for the program and worked their way up our leader ladder— our systematic way of fostering and evaluating the growth of leaders in an outdoor education setting. Don’t know if it works? Read student testimonials on our system to find out for yourself. 

Who Leads Our Trips?
Our leadership teams are composed of Student Coordinators (SCs), Assistant
Leaders (ALs), and Trip Leaders (TLs) who actively engage in a feedback dialogue in order to build strengths, improve trips, and develop skills in outdoor leadership. Our TLs and ALs are all WFR-certified, and our TLs have all had considerable outside leadership experience. 

Getting Involved
If you are a current Lewis & Clark student and are interested in getting involved at College Outdoors, you will need to fill out both a Student Coordinator Application and a Trip Preference Form.  Don’t hesitate to stop by our office to learn more about getting involved. 

Assistant Leaders and Trip Leaders, please complete just the trip preference form to let us know which trips you would be interested in leading this upcoming semester. 

Application Information/Timeline
Student Coordinator and Trip Preference Forms will be received until all positions have been filled; however first preference will be given to applications received by the following time periods:

•The first Friday of school for fall semester trips, and
•The last Friday of fall semester for spring semester trips.

The applications are evaluated by our Roundtable student-run steering committee. Students will be alerted by email if they have received a trip for the semester. Anyone can apply and students will be picked based on availability and appropriate experience levels. 

Outside Leadership Experience Resources
If you’re looking to gain outside leadership experience in order to Trip Lead, please see this collection of resources to steer you in the right direction.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at: