The Roundtable

The Roundtable is a student-run steering committee that aids in the decision making process for various aspects of the College Outdoors program.

Roundtable works on various issues such as budgeting, assigning assistant leaders/student coordinators to trips, adapting and editing policy, and creating and running programs that further influence the program’s contributions to the Lewis & Clark community. Some notable contributions of the Roundtable are the inception of a scholarship program starting the spring of 2012 and the creation of the Leadership Trail.

Roundtable was created a year after the College Outdoors program in 1980 but has not always been fully active. In 2001, the committee started up again and has since been a driving force behind many changes to the program.

The Roundtable provides an outlet for staff, trip leaders, assistant leaders, student coordinators, and participants to voice their opinions about the current state of the program and what they would like to do to enrich it.  We want to hear from YOU!

The Spring 2024 Roundtable committee consists of Zeya Korytko (’24), Margo Gaillard (’24), Emma Wind (’22), and Alder Kindseth (’22). They work alongside full-time staff members Joe Yuska, Thom Lehman, and Kori Campbell