November 30, 2015

Important Updates on Managed Print Services

Update on removal of printers and Copy Center Services

Dear Faculty and Staff:

The implementation of the Managed Print Services (MPS) Project is almost complete.  The goal of MPS is to reduce costs by consolidating equipment, allowing for confidential printing and the ability to cancel unwanted prints and providing data on the institution’s printing. (See the MPS webpage for more details.)

In order to make logging into the new multifunction devices (MFDs –copier/printer/scanner) faster and more convenient, proximity card readers have been installed and the cards are being distributed to each department.  This will allow users to log in by holding their card up to the card reader or by entering their login code. Please verify that you are able to print to the Konica MFDs.  If you are having any troubling printing or logging in or have questions on operating the MFDs, contact or call  (503) 214-0209.  With the consolidation of printing, scanning and copying into the multifunction devices, the extraneous printers will be removed at the end of fall semester.

Here are a few suggestions to make the transition easier:

(1)    The departmental MFDs are meant to be convenience copiers/printers and are not built as production machines. If you have jobs that are over 50 copies and have a 24-hour lead time, please send jobs to the Copy Center. They can be submitted via email or the Digital Store Front link on the Copy Center webpage. You will need to register for Digital Store Front the first time you log in. Be sure to always include your cost center.

  1. The Copy Center is the lowest cost option for printing - $0.04 for B&W and $0.15 for Color!
  2. Save faculty and admin time by having the Copy Center personnel run jobs for you.
  3. Additional finishing options are available such as binding, covers, saddle stitch, etc.
  4. Get assistance with layout, options and Copyright information
  5. Confidential treatment of all documents
  6. Pickup and Delivery Schedule on Copy Center webpage.
  7. The Copy Center can run personal jobs for you at MUCH lower pricing than retail! (holiday letters,      flyers, etc.)

(2)    Copiers are busiest in the morning and immediately before classes.  When possible, plan to make copies later in the day.

(3)    With the confidential release, you can send multiple prints and make one trip to the copier to release them all at one time. If you sent an updated version of a print job or decide you don’t really need to print it, documents can easily be deleted before they are printed.

(4)    Additional information on Managed Print Services can be found on the Business Office website. (

Thanks for your patience with this new process.     

Moira Domann, Purchasing Manager