Employee & Student Expense Reimbursements

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Lewis & Clark is delighted to offer students and employees the opportunity to have their reimbursements delivered via electronic payment

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Expense Reimbursements

Employees and students may spend their own funds for college related purchases and submit a request for reimbursement. The request is submitted to Accounts Payable on a Check Request form. Payments are made by check or electronically by direct deposit. Reimbursements under $50.00 can be paid in cash at Student and Departmental Account Services. 

The Check Request form must be signed by a person with budgetary authority who is in a supervisory capacity to the payee. If the payee is the budget officer, the appropriate Dean or Vice President must sign the form. A request for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of the employee incurring the expense.

Receipts are required for all expenses over the amount of $25.00.  Original itemized receipts showing what was purchased and that payment was made must be attached. If the receipt does not show that the amount was paid in full, proof of payment must also be attached. (such as a credit card slip or statement).

A complete description of why the expenditure was a business expense is required. The description of the business purpose should clearly spell out the benefit to Lewis & Clark College resulting from your expenditure.  “Snacks” is not a business purpose. “Snacks for hall study break” is a business purpose.


Student Organizations

Reimbursement requests from Student Organization accounts must follow the requirements of the Reimbursable Expense Policy for Student Organizations.  Click here to download the  policy. 


Lost Receipts: If you have lost a receipt for an expenditure over the amount of $25, and it is not possible to obtain a duplicate receipt from the billing agency,  you can submit a signed memorandum, approved by the supervisor, and stating:

  • The amount of the expenditure. 
  • A description of the expenditure that is detailed as to the items purchased.
  • The business purpose of the expense.  The description of the business purpose should clearly spell out the benefit to Lewis & Clark College resulting from your expenditure.
  • That payment was made in full.
  • That no receipt or cancelled check is available.
  • That no other reimbursement of expense has been, or will be, sought or accepted from any source.


Reimbursement requests under $50

Reimbursement requests for amounts under $50 are paid in cash at Student and Departmental Account Services in Templeton. Follow the procedures outlined above for completion of the Check Request: receipt requirements, business purpose, and authorized signature.  The completed Check Request can be taken directly to Student and Departmental Account Services for cash reimbursement.


Gift Certificates, other gifts, prizes and awards

The IRS requires that prizes, gifts and awards above a nominal amount are taxable. Exempted from this requirement are certain awards such as our employment anniversary awards and retirement gifts, if presented at a significant function. Some safety awards are also exempt.

The Executive Council has determined that each employee may receive one prize, gift or award of $25 or less per fiscal year, without tax consequences.

In order to allow the Business Office to monitor this requirement, all reimbursement or payment requests must be accompanied by the names of all recipients and the amounts they received.

The GL object code 7110 (Prizes, Gifts and Awards) should be used for all prizes, gifts and awards. Departments providing the prize, gift or award should ensure that the recipient understands that there may be income tax consequences.

The same requirements exist for prizes, gifts and awards purchased from the bookstore or computer store. It is the purchasing department’s responsibility to alert the Business Office that a purchased item was a prize, gift or award.