June 26, 2023

Travel and Entertainment Policy Update

The Business Office website has been updated with important changes to the Travel and Entertainment Policy.

Updates were made to reflect current federal reimbursement guidelines and streamline processes and improve consistency in practice. Please take note of the following highlights:

Mileage Reimbursement: Mileage rates have been updated to reflect current federal guidelines of $0.655/mile.

Per Diem Reimbursement: We have introduced an incidental per diem to the daily allowance. This change aims to provide consistency in the way we address incidentals such as cash tips. The per diem covers all meals and incidentals. Purchases of coffee, alcohol, snacks, hotel gratuities, etcetera are not separately reimbursable above the per diem amount. The daily per diem rate has also been updated to reflect current federal guidelines.


High-Cost Areas*

All Other Areas













Daily Per Diem



*US Territories, the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

International Per Diem Reimbursement: We have revised the policy regarding meal documentation for international travel to ease the administrative burden. Instead of requiring meal diaries and receipts for all meals, employees now can utilize a per diem method by referring to the current per diem rates and meal allocations published by the US State Department for the maximum meal allowance reimbursable by the College. Additionally, a $5 incidental per diem, is included in the reimbursement.

Please be aware that your supervisor may establish lower per diem rates based on budgetary limitations or other factors.

Airfare: We have clarified our policy regarding airfare. All travel should be booked in base economy or coach class. Airline fees charged for reserving a base economy seat, checking luggage, or use of wifi to allow for work during the flight are reimbursable. Economy “plus” seats that provide extra legroom or other amenities are permissible only for flights greater than six hours.

Please take some time to review the policy in full Please visit our website for further information and a complete overview of our Travel and Entertainment Policy.