This calendar is updated every 1st of the month. Future events not yet added on this calendar may still be in the planning or approving stages. Questions and comments regarding this schedule and anything connected with the TCKs, including proposals for events, can all be submitted to the TCK Intern Gillian Watts at

August 2022

International and TCK Student Orientation: Monday, August 22-24  

 Before arriving in Portland to begin your studies at Lewis & Clark, you are sure to have questions and concerns about a wide variety of topics. These will range from the curriculum and advising process, to issues of school policy, to your health and well-being, and even to simple questions about mailboxes, school address and so on. This orientation is specific to International and TCK students, designed to answer some of your questions well before the start of classes and even general student body New Student Orientation (NSO). Naturally, there will be questions not addressed here and you should feel free to call, write or email if you need additional information. Also, if you have suggestions for topics that need to be addressed, please let us know.

September 2022      

Pio Fair: September 2, 3-5PM

Come visit the TCK Club’s table at the Pio Fair to join the board and get free stickers and candy! (The Pio Fair is an annual school organized event that features and advertises almost every club offered on campus.)

TCK Tuesday #1: Ice Cream Social: Tuesday, September 6, 4-5PM

After orientation, the year starts with a TCK Tuesday, reoccurring events that happen every other Tuesday. TCK Tuesdays alternate between TCK Teachings (educational presentations on various topics)/Talks (discussions about TCK life) or TCK Trips (off-campus outings)/Tranquility (relaxing events or activities to help destress).

TCK Tuesday #2: President’s Reception: Tuesday, September 13th, 4:30PM

The longstanding tradition for Lewis & Clark College’s President to host a reception in the beginning of the school year, for all returning and new international/TCK students! This year will be President Robin Sullivan’s first time hosting the International and TCK student reception! The student reception is always a good place to meet and connect with new international/TCK students, both for the President and those who attend. (Attire is semi-formal/formal)

Board Meeting #1: Thursday, September 15, 5:30PM

Members of the TCK Board are determined based on the passion and interest of TCK students willing to help support and brainstorm ideas for TCK Club events! Board meetings are bi-weekly on Thursday nights. The scheduled start time is determined after board members are admitted to the office, based on the majority’s availability.

TCK Tuesday #2: The Ramen Run-Down: Tuesday, September 20, 6:30PM

Our first non-traditional planned TCK Tuesday is called the Ramen Run-Down. All TCKs are welcome and will receive free ramen! There will be a short ice-breaker activity so fellow TCKs can get to meet others on campus!

Board Meeting #2: Thursday, September 29, 5:30PM

This Board Meeting will be less introductory than the first and begin to include brainstorming ideas for future events, collaborations, and the TCK Symposium theme!

October 2022

TCK Tuesday #3: TCKs & Tea: Tuesday, October 4, 7-8PM

This is a closed event for TCK-identifying students only. There will be various teas, biscuits, cookies, and a safe space for TCKs to discuss any topics or issues on how their adjustment at LC has been.

TCK Tuesday(Thursday) #3: TCK/ISLC Trivia Night Collab: Thursday, October 13, 7-9PM

A trivia night hosted and sponsored by TCK Club and ISLC (International Students of Lewis & Clark). The trivia questions will be based on international and TCK facts and there will be light snacks, drinks, and prizes for the winners!

Board Meeting #3: Thursday, October 20, 5:30PM

This Board Meeting will include brainstorming ideas for future events, collaborations, and the TCK Symposium theme!

TCK Tuesday(Thursday) #4: TCK/ISLC Pumpkin Carving/Costume Contest Collab: October 27, 5-8PM

Our big, annual Halloween Night! This event will include a pumpkin carving and costume contest both with prizes! There will also be music and light snacks and beverages.