Spring 2024 TCK Intern

Tessa Forth (she/her) is our Spring 2024 TCK Intern! She was born to a Canadian family in California, but soon moved to the Caribbean island of Barbados where she grew up for 15 years, and has since lived in Nevada. She is a sophomore Environmental Studies major, and because of her upbringing is passionate about researching issues in small island developing states. She loves to go for walks around Palatine Hill and find new thrifting spots in Portland!

As the ISS/TCK Intern, Tessa is president and leader of the celebrated Third Culture Kids program (TCK Club) at Lewis & Clark. She works under the Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS).

Feel free to contact Tessa Forth if you have any questions about the TCK program at Lewis & Clark, whether a prospective or current student at