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Instagram: @tckidnow

Facebook: TCKidNow Facebook

Description: “The main social networking platform of TCKid that was birthed organically among a growing group of adult Third Culture Kids that were engaged in active dialogues by 2007 and grew into what became the following year. Countless dialogues that reflect stories of healing, growth, loss, unresolved grief, revelations, mutual discoveries, inspiration, change, personal journeys, the forging of friendships, the search for a sense of belonging and the home they found in TCKid. has played a large role in many individuals’ discovery of their TCK identity and therefore the first step in a journey of revelations and discoveries.”


TCK Global


Instagram: @tckglobal & @jaythetck

Facebook: TCK Global Facebook

Youtube: Jay the TCK Youtube

Description: From Jay, the founder of TCK Global - “I wanted to create a community for people like me, people who don’t identify themselves with one country, but many. For people who don’t allocate themselves just one place in the world to call ‘home’.”


TCK Town


Instagram: @tcktown

Description: “TCK TOWN is a digital magazine that publishes stories about TCKs, for TCKs … Our articles are mainly very personal accounts of our own TCK experiences and what we’ve learned from them: we feel this is the best way to support other TCKs, rather than writing instructional content. We’re hoping to empower TCKs about your cultural backgrounds and to show you that you are not alone.”


Chris O

Website: Chris O is the website for Chris O’Shaughnessy, who travels internationally to speak about “globalization and cross-cultural understanding.”

Instagram: @lordchristophero

Youtube: Chris O Youtube

Blog: Chris O Blog

Description: “Christopher O’Shaughnessy is a passionate and versatile author and speaker who uses a unique blend of story-telling, humor, and provocative insight to engage a wide array of people on topics associated with globalization and cross-cultural understanding.”



Organization: Denizen


Description: “Denizen is an online magazine dedicated to today’s Third Culture Kids. It represents the modern TCK community, complete with attitude, expression, and creativity.”

Denizen is no longer updating their website, but still contains great TCK stories and resources!



Organization: Interaction International


Description: The mission of Interaction International is to be a catalyst and a resource working cooperatively in the development of programs, services, and publications to provide and contribute to an on-going flow of care that meets the needs of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and internationally mobile families.


Other Sites

YouthCompass is a website designed to help TCKs navigate growing up.

MK Connection is a collection of information for Missionary Kids (MKs).

Aramco Brats, Inc. is a website for former students of Aramco schools in Saudi Arabia.

Mu Kappa International is a nationwide organization for MKs at the college level.

Families in Global Transition is an organization that runs conferences and workshops for “mobile individuals, families, and those working with them.”