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English Conversation Partners Program

The English Conversation Partners Program is a partnership between TCK Board and Academic English Studies (AES) Department at Lewis & Clark College. By pairing proficient English speakers with international students who want to improve their English-language abilities, Conversation Partners promotes English-language fluency and confidence, fosters friendships and encourages cross-cultural understanding. Conversation partners will generally meet once a week and will periodically check in with Bailey, the TCK Intern.


Here are some featured resources for TCKs.  You can view many more resources in these categories:  books, articles, videos, and blogs.

Organization: TCKID


Description: TCKID is a Non-Profit Community Dedicated to Give Third Culture Kids/Adults and Cross Cultural People a Sense of Belonging



The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition by Tina L. Quick

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Movie Trailer: Les Passagers: A TCK StoryTCK Story

Trailer cut for an OMI documentary special about Third Culture Kids and their journey to find where they belong.

Third Culture Kids / Global Nomads

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