Information for Students

An internship is a great opportunity for students to connect with organizations outside of LC and to build skills, understanding, and experience in translating the liberal arts into a professional role.

This Sustainability Internship Course will provide students with direct access to employers working on issues broadly related to sustainability in Portland, nationally, and internationally.

Information For Students

Students are supported throughout their internship, gaining valuable skills and expertise both in the classroom and in the workplace.

  • Students receive 4-credit hours as well as participate in an 8-12 week long internship.
  • Internships will be secured in advance of student application to the program. The vast majority of these internships are only available to Lewis & Clark students.
  • Students will be matched with up to three internship placements, based on their expressed interests and the needs of the employers.
  • The course will be limited to fewer than 20 students.

Eligibility and Approval Process:

  • Eligible students are rising juniors and seniors who are graduating in ’23 or ’24.
  • Students must apply and be accepted to the program prior to enrolling in the course.
  • The course application requires two references and your resume.
  • Application decisions will be made based on relevant skills and education as well as the quality of your references.
  • Application period is from February 1-March 7. Please see the full timeline below.
  • This program requires students attend an informational session during the spring semester, an in-person intensive course from May 16-20, 2022, as well as virtual weekly class meet-ups.

Student applicants: view our list of internships for 2022 here.

Have questions? Contact us: Amy Dvorak or 503.768.7794


2022 Internship Timeline 

November - December: Employer recruitment March 9-31: Interviews
January: Finalize employer positions, promotion to students

March 9-31: Interviews
February 1 - March 7: Student application period
  • March 31: Employers inform students and Lewis & Clark regarding their selection
February: Post position descriptions, Student Information Sessions

May 12: Virtual kick-off event with employers and students

May 16 - 20: Intern training intensive week

June: Internships and class begin
March 9: Students notified of application status August: Students internship presentation
March: Summer registration, Student-Employer matching August: Internships and course end