Sustainability - Lewis & Clark

Sustainability Council Reward and Recognition Program

The Sustainability Rewards and Recognition program will identify community members who have boosted campus sustainability efforts or made measurable environmental, social and/or economic improvements. This program intends to reward those efforts and encourage faculty, staff, students, and alumni to see their work in the greater context of a culture-of-sustainability.

What Qualifies

Any action that demonstrates significant commitment to the following institutional definition of sustainability:

Lewis & Clark is committed to learning, innovation, and principled action on matters related to sustainability. Our research and actions extend beyond our campus into the wider world, we build on the best available scholarship and practice in our endeavors, and we recognize the importance and interrelatedness of ecology, economy, and equity. 


Please nominate your colleagues and friends by sending an email to the Council. We will review your request and respond within two weeks. Selected individuals will be recognized on the Council’s website.


Research and Project Incentives

The Sustainability Council provides support for faculty and students interested in sustainability research, curriculum connections, and/or projects.

Sustainability scholarship leads toward solutions that simultaneously support social well-being, economic prosperity, and/or ecological health. It includes scholarly work that:

  • Explicitly addresses sustainability and/or furthers our understanding of the interconnectedness of social, economic and environmental issues;
  • Contributes directly toward solving one or more major sustainability challenges and/or
  • Engages community members with the aim of combining knowledge and action to achieve positive social, economic and environmental outcomes (e.g. participatory and community-based research and engaged scholarship)

If you have a research or a project idea, please email the Council and share your thoughts!