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The Renewable Energy Fee Fund provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to pursue projects and internships related to renewable energy. The projects listed below represent LC students’ dynamic engagements with renewable energy markets and technologies. We encourage students to continue to pursue this goal and engage with these important issues on campus!

See the Renewable Energy Fee Fund page for more information on how the fund was created, is administered, and how to apply.

Researching Cuba’s Initiatives in Renewable Energy

Applicant: Sam Wellander (’16), Álvaro Torres (’18), and Emma Hoch Schneider (’16)

Description: During a spring break trip to Cuba, Sam, Emma, and Álvaro conducted research on Cuba’s initiatives to commit to renewable energy by 2030. In particular, these students connected with Havana Energy, visited solar farms, and inquired about biofuel. 


Timeline: Spring Break 2016


Solar Energy Justice in Portland

Applicant: Kori Groenveld (’18) and Frances Swanson (’17)



Timeline: Fall 2016


Powering a School, Empowering a Community in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Applicants: Valcourt Honoré (’17) and Kayla Nachtsheim (’14)

Description: This project was motivated by the question: how can renewable energy can provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable power for Valcourt Honoré’s home country of Haiti?. A team of two Lewis & Clark students realized their vision to use renewable solar energy to sustainably power le Village des Petits Princes School.They established 9 solar panels with 2.745 kilowatts capacity and the necessary equipment to power le Village des Petits Princes School and its computer lab. In collaboration with Enersa solar power Company, Valcourt and Kayla traveled to Port-au-Prince to install the system and train 5 young people from the community in solar energy system maintenance.

Size: $17,346

Timeline: Summer 2016


Researching Myanmar’s Place in the Global Renewable Energy Sector 

Applicant: Keith Morency (’16)

Description: For Keith’s Environmental Studies senior thesis, he explored renewable energy structures a and grassroots movements in Myanmar in light of Myanmar’s goal to provide electricity to two-thirds of its population by 2030 under new political leadership. Keith traveled to Myanmar during Spring Break of 2016 in order to conduct interviews, meet with relevant organizations, and tour renewable energy projects. 

Size: $2,870

Timeline: Spring 2016

Documentation: You can read Keith’s posts about his trip and read his thesis on his website. Keith also wrote a guide to conducting research on international development, available here

Researching Hydropower and Water Management in Chile 

Applicant: Lydia Bleifuss (’16)

Description: Lydia traveled to Chile during the winter of 2015-2016 to conduct research for her Environmental Studies thesis on the public and private power structures in hydropower. She traveled south from Santiago conducting interviews along the Maipo, Bío Bío, and Futaleufú rivers with a variety of stakeholders.  

Size: $2,990

Timeline: Winter 2015-2016

Documentation: Visit Lydia’s website to read her posts about traveling to Chile and peruse her thesis. 




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