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The Green Fee Fund provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to express their eco-sensibility by engaging in sustainability-related projects on and off-campus. The projects listed below represent LC students’ unique perspective on how sustainability is defined and applied. We encourage students to continue to pursue this goal and engage with these important issues on campus!

See the Green Fee page for more information on how the fund was created, is administered, and how to apply.

Environmental Internship

Applicant: Kelsey White-Davis

Description: Environment Oregon internship, focused on single-use plastic bag ban

Size: $2,500

Timeline: Summer 2013

Documentation: Read about Kelsey’s experiences working for Environment Oregon on her blog!

Promoting Sustainable Business

Applicant: Tara Brown

Description: I am seeking funding for a summer fellowship program offered by Sustainable Harvest, a relationship-based coffee importer in Portland, OR. Sustainable Harvest is a social business that imports primarily Fair Trade coffee, and it reinvests its profits into development projects in coffee producing communities.

Size: $3,520

Timeline: Summer 2012

Documentation: Read about Tara’s journey to Sustainable Harvest including her trajectory map, thesis work, weekly blog and more!

Cultivating Student Gardens

Applicant: Miriam Coe, Michelle Mouton

Description: We are focused on the educational and community aspects of sustainable agriculture on the LC campus. We are passionate about growing and sharing food together in an ecologically sustainable way.
We are seeking funding for two students to work in the gardens this summer, in order to prepare a thriving educational and community garden when students return in the fall.

Size: $6,864

Timeline: Summer 2012

Developing Outdoor Education

Applicant: Micah Leinbach

Description: I plan to enroll in a NOLS Outdoor Educator semester from September to December of 2012. This course will provide me with intensive training in an outdoor environment, with a focus on teaching others both skills and concepts. I hope to bring these skills back to Lewis & Clark College Outdoors, where I will develop curriculum and organize environmental education based trips that encourage participants to think in the “big picture, long term” way required for sustainability.

Size: $2,000

Timeline: Fall term 2012

Increasing Ride-Share

Applicant: Micah Leinbach

Description: This is a simple idea built around efficiency: creating a ride-share in an accessible area for students to put requests for rides, and for other students to offer rides. This will, ideally, reduce overall vehicle use, encourage carpooling, and as a result reduce carbon emissions from our community.

Size: <$1,000

Timeline: Fall term 2012


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