Earth Day

Please keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks - we’ll share Earth Day events happening across campus and throughout the community.


We love LC! Credit: Heart by Amanda Wilson, Groundskeeper Photo credit: Justin Counts, IT

While many of us are away from campus weathering this unprecedented crisis, we have little moments throughout the day to think about our impact on this planet, our connection to it, and to each other. With the 51st celebration of Earth Day upon us, it’s a great time to reflect on these issues and look for inspiration from our colleagues, friends, and communities.

As such, I invite you all to share the little things you may be doing at home, the big ideas and projects you are pondering, and any other relevant resources, videos, or virtual events that may help bring us together in support of a healthy, thriving planet. We’ll post this information on our here as well as to LC social media accounts. To share content, please contact Amy Dvorak or tag your posts #MyPlanetMyPledge and #LCEarthDay.

To learn more about the history of Earth Day or to participate in virtual events, check out the official Earth Day page as well as the many other resources and activities below.

Lewis & Clark and Portland

Please join the Lewis & Clark community in celebrating Earth Day! Share your photos, stories, inspirations with #MyPlanetMyPledge and #LCEarthDay.

Climate for All
Join colleges statewide for an exciting afternoon with PSU alums and climate advocates Summer Dawn (@ClimateDiva) and Madison Daisy (@ClimateDaisy) as they discuss all-things intersectional climate activism and how college students can rise up to the challenge of changing our world for the better. The event includes an hour-long panel discussion with the two panelists and 30 minutes for a live Q&A.
Summer’s bio:

Summer Dean is a content creator, writer and model who is passionate about communicating the climate crisis, sustainable fashion, and low-waste beauty. She is the founder of @climatediva, her personal platform where she discusses topics ranging from climate justice and politics to sustainable fashion and low-waste beauty. As a climate communicator, she works to turn complex climate information into fun, relatable content that’s easy to understand and share with others. She is the creator of Climate For All, a website and newsletter that shares climate + social justice news, makes climate activism accessible, and highlights the women leading the way towards a sustainable future.

EcoChallenge: join the Northwest Earth Institute in seeing how our individual and collective actions make a difference. Join an EcoChallenge team, check out their courses, or explore the website to see how incremental change activates larger movements.

Investigate getting your yard certified through the Backyard Habitat Certification Program.


  • SOLVE 2030 & Willamette University webinar: The Oregon webinar hosted by Willamette University will take place at 6PM PST on April 7th, 2021. The panel will focus on ambitious but feasible actions that can spur a just, green recovery and get the world on track to solving climate change by 2030.

  • EVs - Cheaper than you think: Join the Electrify Coalition as we celebrate Earth Day by focussing on electric vehicles.Transportation is the number 1 source of CO2 in the United States and we’ve got to rapidly electrify our rides if we want to reduce emissions .We’ll spend this webinar exploring the concerns or pain points you might have in going electric for your next vehicle. Thu, April 22, 202112:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

Home with kids? Check out these resources: