Sustainability Internship - Employer Interest 2024

Completion of this form indicates your intent to participate in the summer internship program.

We will use this information to advertise your opportunity to students and provide you with the best possible match(es) for your project or program needs. Please provide as detailed information as you have at this time for both the internship work/project and the necessary characteristics or skills. General descriptions at this point are also okay, as position/projects details may be finalized once an applicant is selected.

In the event that employers are unable to find a suitable student match, employers may choose not to participate in the program. If a match is selected, employers are expected to:

  • interview and select student interns by March 31
  • identify a supervisor for your student intern
  • assist your student intern in developing a work plan and deliverables
  • provide weekly guidance and support
  • attend a final presentation with your student intern and the course faculty
  • provide feedback on the program to instructors
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Please provide a brief description of your organization and the project or work opportunity available to student applicants.
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Please estimate expected start and completion dates as well as approximate hours worked per week.
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Please provide the intern’s supervisor name or the best contact for applicant review.
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Please provide the intern’s supervisor email address or the best contact for applicant review.
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Please indicate if this will be remote or in-person including the location of the work site, and/or hybrid.
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Is this a paid position?
If this is an unpaid position, we ask that it be limited to 20 hours per week.
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If yes, please describe the key program parameters.
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Is there additional information about your company or this position that you would like to share with our faculty and/or potential interns?