November 13, 2023

Climate action plan update: Energy efficiency fund launch

The Board of Trustees and Executive Council recently approved the establishment of an energy efficiency revolving fund, intended to reduce energy use across campus and advance our climate goals.

Many Lewis & Clark community members have contributed to the recent update of our Climate Action Plan (CAP). In addition to identifying pathways toward decarbonizing our facilities and operations, a key recommendation of the CAP is to launch an energy efficiency revolving fund (EERF). The goal of an EERF is to reduce energy consumption across our campus and invest the related cost savings into future energy saving projects. We are happy to announce that the Board of Trustees agreed with our recommendation to fund and launch the EERF. We will have further updates for the community as the fund begins to take shape, including reaching out to various community members to participate in a program committee.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Dvorak. Please also keep your eye out for opportunities to participate in further climate action planning this spring!