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Testimonials for our “leader ladder” system: 


  • “The system works… through the process of student coordinating and assistant leading I learned the intricacies of CO, their style, their extremely well-oiled machine that does what it does for a reason. And now, with all the prerequisites under my belt (SC, AL, WFR, outside leading experience…) I feel 100% confident in my leading skills”


  • “[Being a leader at CO] has given me a wider skills set as a leader by exposing me to different leadership environments. Some of the trips [I led] ranged from a day to a week in length, and each challenged me by presenting new social dynamics to work with as well as new physical environments to teach in”


  • “I spent a lot of time as an AL [one] year, and was lucky to have mentors in the program who allowed me to act as a TL before I was given my own trips. This helped me ensure that I had the confidence and capabilities to lead once I did become a TL [the next] year”


  • “This three-tiered system creates a fostering environment where there are always more experienced leaders who can answer questions and assist with whatever problems come up. CO requires that every AL looking to become a TL work for some external outside education. In turn, this means that every leader comes from a diverse leadership background, allowing all of us to learn from each other and share our unique experiences”


  • “Working to keep everybody on track and motivated developed my ability to communicate with a wide range of attitudes and personalities, all while keeping everybody in high spirits. It helped me to grow in almost every way


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