Mission Statement

College Outdoors develops students’ outdoor skills through experiential education, cultivates lifelong leaders, supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors, and promotes a healthy Lewis & Clark community.

First aid training, work/study positions, instructional skill workshops, on-campus lectures and local events, and an outdoor information resource center are provided by the program, but the central service provided by College Outdoors is the series of outdoor trips on weekends and during vacation breaks to wild lands throughout the Pacific Northwest and the western portions of the continent.

Outdoor education is a collaborative effort of students, faculty, and staff who offer outdoor recreation opportunities that provide enriching experiences to as broad a cross section of the College community as possible.

The College Outdoors program encourages the personal and social development of college students, and other members of the Lewis and Clark community, through intensive involvement in wilderness trips where social barriers are minimized, cooperative responsibility emphasized, and there is opportunity for solitude and positive social experiences among a group of peers.

The College Outdoors program primarily serves undergraduate students. Law and graduate students, alumni, and other members of the College community are welcome to make use of the trips and resources available through the program. College Outdoors also provides services not only for individual participants, but also to other institutional departments and offices in support of their programs.

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