Virtual New Student Trips

Get ready to connect with your new L&C community!

Welcome to Lewis & Clark College!

This January you have the unique opportunity to join a Virtual New Student Trip! On these virtual “trips” you can build meaningful friendships with other new students who will be starting at LC Spring Term 2021, benefit from the experience of current Lewis and Clark students, and learn what your new home has to offer. Better yet, this is all before you arrive on campus!

Virtual New Student Trips (V-NSTs) are a lot of fun and will leave you feeling excited for your new life as a Lewis & Clark College student.

Who are these trips for?

YOU! The best part about Virtual NSTs is that everyone can participate. The January VNSTs are specifically for students starting at LC in January, or those who were remote during Fall Term and will be starting in-person classes at LC in January. This could be where you meet your new best friends!

Is there a cost?

Nope. V-NSTs are paid for by New Student Orientation (NSO) fees, so there is no additional cost to participate.

What should I expect?

You will be assigned to a group of about 6-8 new students and two to three current L&C students. Your group will meet via Zoom 3 times (to be scheduled) in early January, 2021.  Each session will last 60-90 minutes and have a different set of FUN activities to help you get to know your fellow students, ask questions about life at L&C, and learn something new.

Who are the group leaders?

Each group has 2-3 leaders who are all current L&C students. Most leaders have led these virtual experiences in August, and had such a good time they wanted to do it again! These leaders are competitively selected, trained for hours in facilitating these groups, and STOKED to connect with you!

Are there also in-person New Student Trips?

Unfortunately, no in-person New Student Trips are happening this year.  Once you are on campus, there will be lots of in-person opportunities to participate in College Outdoors trips during fall semester, and Student Leadership and Service projects.

How are V-NSTs different from New Student Orientation (NSO)?

V-NSTs are all about making interpersonal connections, so you can arrive on campus already having a group of friends, as well as two older students as mentors.

These Virtual NSTs are a lot of fun, and will help you start college feeling confident, excited to meet your new friends in person, and give you the perfect group of people to sit with in the cafeteria during your very first meal on campus!

NSO is full of other important information necessary to be successful at L&C, including topics regarding health and safety, collegiate academics, sexual health and consent, service and community in Portland, and more. Your NSO group will not only provide different resources, but will be a different group of students than your VNST group, so you’ll meet even more fellow students to connect with on campus. Fully participating in both VNSTs and NSO is the best way to start college out on the right foot.

How do I sign up?

Registration for a VNST is included with NSO.