Trip Sign Ups

How to sign up for a College Outdoors Trip:

  1. Check the Trip Calendar (click “month” or “all events” to get a full list) for a trip you are interested in
    1. Note the TRIP SIGN UP date (usually 3 weeks up to 2 months prior to the trip!): Trip sign ups get posted on the bulletin board outside of the College Outdoors office (Templeton 244) at 9:00am on the trip sign up date (sign up dates are usually set for Fridays)
  2. If there is space on the sign up sheet, put your name on the list
    1. If there is no space, be sure to add your name to the wait list 
  3. If you got your name on the list, you have 3 business days from the trip sign up date to pay for your trip (typically you will need to pay by Tuesday at 5:00pm)
    1. Failure to pay for your spot by this date will result in your space being opened up to anyone on a first-paid basis

Hope for the Wait List

If you missed getting your name on the initial trip list and really want to go on the trip, you have a second chance.  Many students fail to pay for their space within the 3 business days.  Once those three days expire, all unpaid spaces open up to anyone on a first-paid basis.  Therefore, showing up ready to pay for a trip at that time (typically the Tuesday after the initial trip posting date at 5:00pm), usually results in a person being able to get on their desired trip. If there are open spaces, we’ll periodically email folks on the waitlist to let them know.

We know this process may be a little confusing at first.  If you have any questions about how to get on a trip, do not hesitate to stop by, call, or email to ask.  Or watch this video!

Check out this video all about the trip sign-up process!