Ulrika Lundstrom

UWC attended: Red Cross Nordic United World College

Born: Angelholm, Sweden
Lived in: Sweden, Cambodia and Norway.
Major: Psychology

Ulrika values the time she spent at Red Cross Nordic United World College. “What I valued the most was the chance to get close to and learn from different people. I believe that we have a huge gain in getting to know various people from every social, cultural, ethnic, and religious background.”

When asked why she wants to study at Lewis & Clark, Ulrika says, “I still haven’t been able to answer that question, but I believe in fate and believe you should follow your feelings. Inside me whenever I think of L&C, there’s a tiny man jumping up and down saying Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ulrika is still contemplating a major. “At the moment I am thinking about psychology since I have always found the human mind fascinating. I’m not sure though, I guess I’m just trying to figure out what the future holds for me and what I want from it. I am interested in the social sciences, humanities and languges. I have a wide area of interests but one goal I have for my time at L&C is to learn Spanish. This is something which I have wanted to learn for a long time.”

In her free time, Ulrika likes to be around people. “That’s when I am happiest. I can sit at a coffee shop for hours talking, watching a movie, go dancing, go walking…basically I’m up for anything fun”

When asked about Portland, Ulrika says, “I love magnificant nature. Surroundings are very important to me and to have nature close by, but still the atmosphere of the big city really attracts me.”