Arunima Jamwal

UWC attended: Mahindra United World College of India
Class Year: Class of 2021

I’m from Punjab but grew up in various parts of India because my father served in the army. My friends describe me as considerate, vibrant, and thoughtful yet bold with my words.

I am a brown queer feminist. So, predictably, I spend a considerable amount of time attempting to better understand gender, sexuality, and politics. I’m interested in these disciplines and plan to major in International Relations. Non-academically I really enjoy photography, reading, theater, journaling, and facilitation. An interesting thing about me? I love watching movie trailers.

At MUWCI I enjoyed not being restricted by didactic instruction and textbooks. I learned to argue, evaluate, analyze, and question. I also became much more confident in my own skin and found friends who reinforced this sense of comfort. Lewis and Clark appealed to me because it seemed to have a grounded environment with friendly and inquisitive people. Its location offers both the peace associated with a non-urban environment and the accessibility that comes from being close to a big city, and this balance is perfect for me. Portland is also a hub for the arts so I know my passion for photography will be fueled at LC. While there, I want to explore academia and fields like rhetoric and media, sociology and anthropology. I also plan to be involved in various student groups and administrative processes.