Getting Connected

(Danial Afzal, Rosa Kim, Asraa Jaber and Osaebea Amoako)

Activities and Making Friends Talking Points


Pio Fair: September 4, 2015 in the football stadium.  4:30 - 7:00 pm.  You can sign up for all types of clubs, club sports, activities at the Pio Fair.

Intramural and Club Sports—see:

http://www.lclark. edu/recreation/club_sports/ index.php?highlight=sports

College Outdoors Programs—see

Residence hall activities: movie nights, study breaks, dinners, etc.

ISLC (International Students of Lewis & Clark): Matthew Wong is the current president. His email is

Conversation Partners –a program to help students enrolled in Academic English Studies to integrate into the community and develop their English skills. AES students meet once a week with L&C student volunteers to discuss topics of mutual interest. AES students who wish to have a conversation partner and L&C students who want to serve as a partner resource should contact: Neil Rutherford.

Volunteer activities: See:

Making Friends


Introduce yourself; don’t wait for other people to approach you.

Visit your floormates in their room and introduce yourself.

Keep your door open (when you are in your room) for the first couple weeks.

Always speak to people in the hallways.

Attend campus events and meet people outside your dorm.

Smile a lot—as stupid as it sounds, people do avoid scowlers.

Join a club, team, or other organization.