Student Filming Projects

In order to film on a Lewis & Clark campus, applicants must submit a permit application and receive approval from Lewis & Clark. Please note all such activity on the campus requires approval before filming because certain locations may be restricted, either permanently or temporarily. The permit is required before filming begins on campus.

Applying for a Permit

Please fill out the Permit Application for a Student Filming Project form with as much detail as possible (forward additional materials as necessary to the Office of Conferences and Events,

When you submit this form, it is sent to the Office of Conferences and Events and will be shared with the Office of Communications, Facilities Services, and other Lewis & Clark stakeholders (as necessary) for review.

Note that even though an application may be approved, that does not guarantee room availability. Room and building reservations must be completed with the Office of Conferences and Events. Because approval of the request can involve obtaining permission and coordination with several departments, applications for filming should be submitted as early as possible, a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance.

If approved, filming event topics that will need to be addressed with the Office of Conferences and Events may include, but are not limited to: finalizing dates and times of filming, length of filming; equipment in facility space; building access timeline for load-in/out and filming; vehicular/pedestrian traffic control; impact on campus events.

All persons involved in the student filming project must adhere to the general policies outlined in the
Lewis & Clark Student Code of Conduct and follow the Film Maker’s Code of Conduct.


Any use of the names, marks, logos, trademarks, or campus icons of Lewis & Clark must be submitted in advance for approval by the Office of Communications. Please note that use of footage shot at Lewis & Clark for stock footage (B roll) is not allowed.

Lewis & Clark requires a copy of the final project upon completion for institution records.

The exception to these requirements and permit approval is College coursework and filming done by enrolled students for Lewis & Clark course-related work and projects.