Student Event Planners

Credit: Nina Johnson

When you are in the initial stages of planning an event, please stop by the Conferences and Events office. We are your first stop for planning events, and we make the event planning process simple! We will help you with event logistical support, and can guide you through the planning steps leading to successful events at L&C.

Start Planning Your Event With Us

Contact our office anytime you need space for a meeting, group activity, concert, banquet, conference, retreat, games on the lawn, an art show, a picnic, a chapel service, rehearsal time in Evans Auditorium, a dance, movie night, a table in Fowler or outside the library, etc. We’ll help you coordinate with other event support offices on campus such as the Student Engagement office, Facilities Event Services - including Event Prep, Events AV Services, and Custodial Services; Bon Appétit Catering Services, etc.

Please note: Most of the instructions on this page are intended for Undergraduate and Graduate School students. Law students planning an event should get in touch with the Law School Events office.

Event Planning Steps

  1. To find out what venues are already scheduled, and determine if the space you want is available, please view the advertised list of events posted to the Lewis & Clark Website Calendar, Note this site will only show you the advertised events, not the comprehensive schedule.
  2. When you’re ready to request a venue, please contact us. We reserve space for most locations on the Undergraduate and Graduate School campuses. Contact us by coming to our office in Facilities (enter through the glass entrance door facing Holmes Hall), emailing us at, or calling us at 503-768-7235.
  3. Include the following information in your request:
    • Name of your event (the official title you will use to advertise the event)
    • Date of the event
    • Venue preferences (list up to 3 options)
    • Start time and end time of the event
    • Room set-up needs for the event
    • Audiovisual needs for the event
    • If you will be providing food and/or beverages
    • The name of the student group or department affiliated with the event
    • How many people you anticipate will attend the event
    • If the event will be open to the L&C community only or open to the general public 
    • Your cellphone number in case we need to contact you 

Please allow 5 working days to process requests. We will contact you via email to let you know if there are any conflicts or to confirm the reservation. 

Event Planning Basics

Plan Events Well in Advance

Please allow at least three weeks’ notice to plan complex events requiring many event support services (e.g., A/V equipment, sound equipment, catering servers, special lighting, contracts with performance artists, etc.). Many event support services on campus require a minimum two weeks’ notice.

Reserve a Space First

Requests for space are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Venues are not reserved until you receive a reservation confirmation email with your reservation number from the Conferences and Events office. If your room request is turned down, you will be contacted by the Conferences and Events staff.

Publicize Your Event

There are many channels for publicizing your event. This primer on event promotion from our friends in the Office of Communications provides a helpful, detailed overview of the resources available on campus to market your event. Starting early is key to publicizing your event as well as to planning it. This guide to marketing events provides some timelines to keep in mind.

Don’t Sign Any Contracts!

Students CANNOT sign contracts on behalf of Lewis & Clark for any rentals, event services, or guest talent. All contractual agreements between Lewis & Clark and rental companies, event services, performers and talent agencies must be signed by Tamara Ko, Director of Student Engagement (503-768-7121 or Her office is located on the second level of Fowler Student Center. Please allow at least two weeks’ notice for contract review and check request arrangements.

Decorating Instructions

All decorations are to be self-contained and free standing. Please do not use tacks, nails, staples or tape of any kind on walls and windows. Signage, advertising posters, and decorations must be taken down immediately after your event.