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Conferences and Events

About Our Campus

Our campus is well known for its beauty. Its woods, carefully tended gardens, and mix of historical and contemporary Northwest art and architecture make it a unique and distinctive location. It is also a fun and lively hub of activity for most of the year, with amenities and resources to fit your group’s needs whenever your event takes place.

Learn a bit about Lewis & Clark College in this video, produced by student Remy Neymarc.

Campus Activities and Events

While you are on our campus, consider attending one of the outstanding academic and cultural events featuring our own faculty and students and leaders from around the world. The Hoffman Gallery (open September through May) is also an engaging place to visit, emphasizing work at the forefront of the contemporary tradition: challenging, provocative, and international in scope.

You can also spend time appreciating the natural beauty of our surroundings. Our wooded trails, rose garden, and guided tree walk provide a chance to get out and explore, as does nearby Tryon Creek State Park.

Campus Amenities and Resources


Our campus has several dining halls and cafes operated by Bon Appetit for campus guests looking for a snack or meal. Bon Appetit also offers catering options for events held on campus.


Many services on campus take credit cards, but there are ATMs operated by U.S. Bank in Templeton Campus Center if you need cash for any reason.


The Office of Campus Safety patrols campus regularly and runs two 24-hour phone lines: one for emergencies (503-768-7777) and one for nonemergency business (503-768-7855). For those staying on campus (available for summer camps and conferences), a swipe-card access system provides optimal security in all of our residence halls and apartment buildings.

Athletic Facilities

Our campus is equipped with swimming pools, tennis courts, a gymnasium, and a fitness center. Please contact our office for information on the availability of these resources during your group’s time on campus.