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Student Support Services

Welcome to Spring 2017!

If you have already registered with our office, please take advantage of our online request forms:

Request to Send Accommodations Letter

Note Taker Request

Schedule an Exam

Request Alternative Text (Fillable PDF to print/email)

Helpful Documents for you!

Student Support Services Accommodation Guidelines (PDF to print)

Semester on a Page (PDF to print)

Semester on Two Pages (PDF to print)

Campus Accessibility Map

If you haven’t registered with us, you must set up an initial appointment before filling out and submitting these forms.

Requests will be processed within 3 business days of receipt.

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The Student Support Services Mission Statement

To serve and support students with disabilities in the CAS, graduate school and law school. To help students appreciate their distinctive ways of learning and develop strategies for success based on their strengths and to develop strong self-advocacy skills. To help the LC community develop positive modes of interacting with students with disabilities.

About us

Lewis & Clark is committed to serving the needs of our students with disabilities and learning differences. Professional staff in the office of Student Support Services are available to ensure that students receive all of the benefits of a comprehensive selection of services.

Our office also provides advising and advocacy for students with disabilities and support for students who seek advice on academic strategies. Services, advising, and accommodations are always the result of an active partnership between students and Student Support Services staff.

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Contact Us


Rachel Orlansky - Director, x7143
Eileen Dowty - Associate Director, x7175
Rebecca Brooks - Associate Director, x7190
Michael Coiner - Administrative Specialist, x7156


Carolin Thompson - Administrative Specialist, x7192 

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