Text in Accessible Format

E-text refers to an accommodation for students with a disability that prevents them from reading course materials in a traditional format. It is an accommodation approved through the Office of Student Accessibility and allows the student to request course materials in an accessible format.

If you have never met with someone in our office, do not use this form. To access accessibility educational material accommodations, contact us for an intake appointment. Click here to schedule an appointment.

For more information contact:

Rebecca Brooks, MA – Associate Director

rbrooks@lclark.edu, x7190

When and How to Request e-text through the Office of Student Accessibility
Before a request for e-text is submitted, do a search. To do a search for textbooks in an accessible format:

Find your Textbook list at the Campus Store.
Purchase the textbook in an accessible format:
‘Digital format ’ at the Campus Store or
‘E-Textbook’ at VitalSource.com

NOTE: If the textbook is already available for purchase in an accessible format, no e-text accommodation request is required through our the Office of Student Accessibility.

Videos: How to Search for Textbooks in an Accessible Format

When the textbook is NOT available for purchase in an accessible format, request an e-text accommodation.

To request e-text:
E-Textbook request here (Google Doc) to submit online
E-Textbook request (Fillable Form)-to print


Please send receipts to access@lclark.edu