SensusAccess is an online document conversion service available to Lewis & Clark employees and students which converts documents into alternate and more accessible formats such as braille, audio, or e-books. SensusAccess is meant to complement, not replace, services used to make materials fully accessible available through the Office of Student Accessibility.

About SensusAccess

SensusAccess is an online document conversion application that allows users to automatically convert documents into various alternate and accessible formats on demand. You may be prompted to login with your LC credentials to access this service.

It’s available to everyone with a Lewis & Clark account.

  • It’s easy. Quickly convert existing course materials into flexible formats to meet your universal design course design goals.
  • It’s private. You submit the files and get the email when the transformation is complete.
  • It’s always there. Self-service conversion is fast and available on your schedule, even on weekends!
  • Access this service.