Software Downloads

This page provides easy access to the programs that are provided free to Lewis & Clark students, faculty and staff. Be sure to choose the correct platform, Macintosh or Windows, for your computer. Please visit the Information Technology Supported Software List to learn the level of support that you can expect on the software available on this site.

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VPN Software


Office XML Converter





Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free, open-source and cross-platform mail client: a program that allows you to access, send and manage your electronic mail (e-mail). It also helps you manage e-mail related information such as address books. Thunderbird supports IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) which allows you to retrieve and manage messages while still storing them on the mail server.

  • Click here to download the latest PC version of Thunderbird
  • Click here to download the latest MacOS version of Thunderbird

Launch Thunderbird as you would launch any other application: double-click on the Thunderbird icon on your Desktop or single-click the icon in your Task Bar (Windows) or Dock (OS X). The first time you use Thunderbird, you will need to enter some information such as your full name and your e-mail address. After that the only information you’ll need to enter is your password. Consult the Getting Started with Thunderbird Helpsheet for more information.


Links to Useful Software

Spybot Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that some older anti-virus applications do not cover
AdAware Ad-Aware Personal provides advanced protection from known data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, and tracking components. This software is downloadable free of charge.

AntiVirus Protection

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student looking for the free Symantec AntiVirus, you’ll find it on a separate download page. (You’ll need to know your L&C login and password to get it.)

Microsoft Home Use Program

Faculty & Staff are eligible to download Microsoft Office for use at home for a low price.  This program is not available for students.