Educational Technology Staff

Educational Technology Staff

The Educational Technology group works with faculty, staff and students to show them how technology can be applied to their current activities so that they are better able to perform their job duties and/or pursue their academic and research activities. A major goal of this group is to help our faculty and students become self-sufficient with the technology that they need to use. Further, the Educational Technology team works closely with faculty to help them utilize instructional technology in ways that can augment traditional teaching methods. Not sure who to call? To eliminate the frustration of not knowing who to contact with more involved educational technology questions, contact us at

Miranda Carney-Morris

Director of Educational Technology -, x503-768-7220


Angie Almukhametova

Educational Technologist -, 503-768-6195

Justin Counts

Educational Technology Specialist -, 503-768-7291

Aurelio Puente sitting with a brown dog on his lap and a white dog by his side.

Aurelio Puente

Educational Technologist -, x7221