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   I can’t get into Colleague.

There are a number of reasons you might not be able to get into your account.

1)You need to have a log in specific for Colleague. If you are not sure if you have an account, check IS Accounts.

2)Make sure your CapsLock key is not on.

3)If you cannot get the account to open when you type the password in, check to make sure you are using your Colleague/Benefactor password, which may or may not be the same as your email. Also check to make sure you are logging into the correct account: COLLIVE for Colleague Live, BENLIVE for Benefactor Live, etc.

4)You get to the first screen and all you see is a file called UT. Follow the instructions in the login-in helpsheet.

   What does UT mean?

UT stand for utilities and only people with specific access to the forms within this module of Colleague can access it. Just select a different application by going to the toolbar, selecting APPS, and clicking on the application of your choice (ST, HR, CF, FR…)  If you feel stuck where it asks for an application, just add the ST and then go to the toolbar and select an APP.

   I’m getting an error that says “application unexpectedly closes.”

This error message usually means you do not have access to the account selected on the login page. Check to see if you have COLTEST or COLLIVE selected in the login box.

   I can’t find the icon to get into GUI/Desktop/ Colleague…

If you do not have the icon on your desktop to open Colleague/ and you use a PC, go to the START (button in lower left corner of your screen), select ALL PROGRAMS —> Datatel and RIGHT click and hold then drag the icon to the desktop.

   What is the current version of the interface?

The current desktop Graphical User Interface is 2.3. The web version is 3.1.

   How do I print screen?

To print screen from a PC you can use Snipping Tool program, which is included with Windows. You may also use the shortcut [alt]+[printscreen] to copy the top window to your clipboard, or [ctl]+[printscreen] to copy the entire desktop to your clipboard and then paste into WORD or other program of your choice. On a Mac you can use [shift][apple][3] to copy your screen to the clipboard and then paste into a program, or use [command][shift][apple][4] to select part of the screen to the clipboard. Mac users can also use the GRAB utility under Applications —> Utilities.

   I can’t get the screen to operate properly.

By “properly” do you mean tab sequences or the ability to delete? This can sometimes be caused by improper tab sequence set up. You must include all required fields in your tab sequence. Another problem comes up when a screen is open and a new mneumonic is placed in the quick access box. Only forms that are linked together by detail options can be open at the same time. Trying to access from the quick access box when in the screen/form will usually make your session crash.

   I keep getting an error screen that asks for my application, but doesn’t look right.

Sometimes when selecting your application on the toolbar you might accidentally select TOOL. When you get asked to “enter application or press [enter]” just enter ST or CF, whatever your preferred application is. If you close your machine down with the error message, it will come up again with the error message still there. Enter an application and then when it gets to the TOOL folder, select a new application from the top toolbar under APP.

   How do I get out of this screen that says something about tools?

This is the same problem as the above question, but you probably pressed [enter] like it said and then got this error. If you close down and reopen your session you will get the above error and can follow those instructions.

   How do I get a template for my keyboard?

Extra keyboard templates have been left at the front desk in IT located on the bottom floor of Watzek Library and to the left as you enter the doors.

   Where are the keyboard shortcuts?

The keyboard shortcuts are listed under HELP on your screen. Select Function help for the full list.

   How do I use QueryBuilder?

QueryBuilder is located under TOOLS on the top toolbar and uses the same syntax as Uniquery. A conversion tool has been created to take saved queries from the VOC and translate them into QueryBuilder. This tool is located in the USER folder and called XCVQ. 

Where do I run my reports?

Reports are run the same as before. If you used screens/forms, then those screens/forms are used. If you had query statements that you either saved to the VOC or typed in individually, you can use QueryBuilder. If the statements or paragraphs have been saved, use the XCVQ screen to convert them to QueryBuilder. Otherwise you can write them into QueryBuilder like a regular statement or run them in the BEFORE line without a VERB. Remember to delete the verb with the delete key each time.

   What was the symbol I use between lines of my query?

The character used between lines in query paragraph is now the semi-colon without a space before it or after it. (We used to use the ascii [ALT]0254 character þ, called a Latin thorn.) Replace it with a semi-colon.

   How do I exit GUI?

One of the nice things about GUI is that you can just close down with the red X box on the right upper corner of your screen or the FILE/EXIT command from the toolbar.

   Why isn’t my document printing to PDF when I select Host Printer?

Sometimes a previous printer has been selected through some process used and it makes it seem the computer randomly selects a printer. To ensure the printer is set to PDF, enter PDF; at the beginning of the BEFORE section of QueryBuilder and it will reset the printer to PDF. Do not put spaces before or after the semi-colon.

  • All systems are up and functioning.

  • As of Saturday, March 21st physical access to the Watzek Library will be suspended until further notice. This includes the Rlab and the editing suits. The IT Service Desk will still be available to assist you while our team works offsite. You may leave us a voicemail message at 503-768-7225 or send us an email at We will have a team ready to assist you remotely should you have a request or if you run into any technological related issues. Stay safe!

  • The Information Technology Service Desk is open from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday thru Friday except holidays.

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